Deschamps accuses Laporte of lying

A few days after it was confirmed that Spain recruited Aymeric Laporte for the EurocupDidier Deschamps, the French coach, has offered his opinion on this ‘signing’ by La Roja. Y the Basque-French coach charged against City’s left-handed central defender, whom he accuses of lying when he assured that he sent him a message and had not received any response. The former midfielder has bluntly denied this point: “What bothers me is what he can say and that is a lie. The only message I received from him is from the month of October for a precise situation about an injury he had had in September “, he said in a conversation with the newspaper ‘Le Provence’.

The relationship between Laporte and Deschamps has never been cordial. The former Athletic defender has always understood that the ‘bleus’ coach had something personal against him and, for this reason, he summoned other footballers in his place. For this reason, and seeing that the doors of the world champion were closed, the defender raised in Lezama accepted Luis Enrique’s offer to nationalize. And here the French coach also launches an acid reflection. He has that freedom. Who has not played with us? It could have happened, ten seconds would have served (so that Spain could not summon him). It has always been in the prelists of summoned, but there has been competition «, evokes Deschamps.

In total, Laporte has been in three citations of the former Juventus footballer, the last in 2019, when he was already in Manchester under Guardiola. However, he has only dressed in the tracksuit of the French team, he has never jumped onto the pitch to defend the senior team. Captain in the lower ranks, he fell by the wayside. And that hurt Laporte, who saw how his dream was not being fulfilled. That is why he will defend the shirt of Spain in a European Championship that for La Roja will start on June 14 against Sweden.




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