Defeat after dream goal – Germany loses test match

The German national team was challenged in the penultimate game of the season in France. But in the test match, the DFB women had to accept a remarkable goal.

While the men are close to the start of the European Championship, the DFB women were also in action. National coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg met France with her team. But against good French women who impressed offensively with good individual quality and defensively with good team performance, there was only one defeat.

Voss-Tecklenburg relied on many young players to compensate for the many failures. Sara Däbritz, Marina Hegering, Sara Doorsoun, Melanie Leupolz, Lina Magull, Alexandra Popp, Kathrin Hendrich, Lena Petermann, Pauline Bremer, Giulia Gwinn and Dzsenifer Marozsan were not there.

Nevertheless, Germany played bravely and had a few chances, but the win deservedly went to France.

That’s how the game went

France 1-0 Germany

90.+3 Minute – Germany gets another corner, but even that doesn’t bring anything.

90. Minute – There are five minutes of stoppage time.

88. Minute – A German corner variation is dangerous, but Renard clears again for France.

86. Minute – Germany gets a free kick in a promising position, but Huth’s cross ends up with an opponent.

83. Minute – Short excitement in the French penalty area. A shot by Waßmuth lands on the splayed arm of the French defender Tounkara. That should have given Germany a penalty, but the referee doesn’t give it.

80. Minute – During a German attack, Huth bangs his leg on the temple of the French goalkeeper Peyraud-Magnin, who needs treatment but can continue.

78. Minute – And she works diligently backwards too! The German corner brings nothing, except for a French counterattack. Brand sprints backwards and actually runs the ball.

76. Minute – Jule Brand is really a small ray of hope on the offensive. Very active and trying, now she’s pulling out a corner.

74. Minute – Germany has hardly any action left, the French control the game here very confidently-

70. Minute – Now Lea Schüller is leaving the game, Tabea Waßmuth comes in for her.

66. Minute – A nice long-range shot from the French Toletti from the left half-space lands next to the German goal.

61. Minute – And Brand has a chance to head the ball straight away, but it remains without great danger.

60. Minute – Linda Dallmann goes out, Lena Lattwein comes into play for her. And Jule Brand, who is only 18 years old, also comes into play. Klara Bühl goes for her.

57. Minute – Nüsken tries it from the second row, but her shot goes over it. A short time later, Klara Bühl also wants to know, but she too forgives.

54. Minute – That could have been 1: 1, if not even had to. Klara Bühl prevails, brings her pace well into the attack and then puts the ball across to Linda Dallmann. Dallmann prevails against her first opponent with a hook, but her degree is just blocked.

52. Minute – The French women are simply the better team here. They are stronger both individually and collectively. Germany really needs to improve here.

49. Minute – As soon as France goes on the offensive, it becomes dangerous! Geyoro prevails well and plays the ball on Majri, whose shot goes just over the German goal.

48. Minute – Germany is putting pressure on this immediately. There is applause from the outside from the national coach.

46. Minute – The second half starts!

45. Minute – Half-time in Strasbourg! France is just in the lead, the German women haven’t made enough of their game.

44. Minute – Good long ball to Svenja Huth, who chases the ball with great speed, but the French goalkeeper Peyraud-Magnin saves her team with a risky tackle.

37. Minute – Linda Dallmann with a bad loss of the ball, which ends up with Viviane Asseyi. The Bayern player runs alone towards Merle Frohms, but fails because of the German goalkeeper.

34. Minute – As a result, Germany has more the ball again.

30. Minute – GOAL FOR FRANCE! And what a one. France attacks from the left, but then shifts the game towards the middle through Kenza Dali, who is on it from over 20 meters. Merle Frohms is one step too far ahead and can no longer fend off the lifter – goal. But then Dali has to be replaced.

29. Minute – The standard of Svenja Huth goes over the gate. It stays at 0-0.

28. Minute – Germany countered via Klara Bühl. Your attempt is unsuccessful, but a foul on Lohmann brings a free kick from a good position.

25. Minute – A French standard from the left does not bring anything.

24. Minute – France are getting stronger and want more of the game.

18. Minute – Strong move from the German selection. Svenja Huth sends nuts on the right-hand side on the journey. However, the striker has difficulty controlling the ball.

15. Minute – Luck for Germany. After losing the ball in the build-up, France has a good chance for a through pass towards the goal, but the referee team decides offside. The repetition shows: it was narrow, possibly even the same height.

10. Minute – You can tell the German team the lack of common match practice in some places. After winning the ball, there are seldom possible combinations and depths for an effective counterattack.

7. Minute – That was close. A back pass from Lena Oberdorf to goalkeeper Frohms is almost an assist, but Frohms takes the decisive step and clears the ball.

4. Minute – Leonie Maier tries from the second row, but her shot goes a little over the gate.

3. Minute – Germany played along immediately, trying to put pressure on offensively. Every now and then there is a little lack of precision, but the game shares are at the DFB.

1. Minute – Kick-off in Strasbourg in front of 5,000 spectators. Germany plays with some players in unfamiliar positions.

8:45 p.m. – It starts in Strasbourg in ten minutes. By the way, the captain today is Svenja Huth from VfL Wolfsburg.

8:28 pm – During the line-up, Voss-Tecklenburg has to rotate a lot because some players are out. Among other things, the first 20-year-old Sjoeke Nüsken joins the starting line-up.

8:25 pm – Welcome to the live ticker for the international match between Germany and France.



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