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From the music school at the north entrance of the stadium, trumpets rang out onto the field. First the scale was practiced, then the melody of “Rocky”. On the other side, next to the scoreboard of the Eichstätter stadium, the Bayreuth supporters stood behind the fence, because the regional soccer league still does not allow guest fans to enter the stadiums. One of the truck drivers had a small drum with him, the little group was in a good mood.

So it can be said that VfB Eichstätt went down a little with a drum and a little with a trumpet against SpVgg Bayreuth on Tuesday evening. In purely football terms, it was a deserved 0: 3 against the regional league competitors from Upper Franconia. The game was already decided by the break. Even if the hosts appeared dangerous two or three times in front of the Bayreuth goal in the second half: Markus Mattes’ team lost the game at the very beginning when they missed several chances to take the lead. After the lead by Chris Wolf (14th), the league cup duel quickly became one-sided.

The association also bought a small, neat trophy for the competition, which was introduced at short notice, later a player laughed and shouted that the price tag was still on the floor. “My first title with Bayreuth,” enthused coach Timo Rost. But it was much more important for the players and those responsible that this victory in the League Cup final entitles them to participate in the DFB Cup in the coming season; This means that Bayreuth will have its first DFB Cup game in 15 years this summer. On top of that, Bayreuth ended the short, very intense season without having to sit down in the association cup.

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Together with the fans, they shouted the relief of the success so much that it was almost like a championship celebration. It also showed how important the DFB Cup is for an amateur team, also financially. Conversely, in the event of success, some Eichstätt would have almost been annoyed: Numerous players, including long-standing top performers such as captain Fabian Eberle, Lucas Schraufstetter or Jakob Zitzelsberger, were bid farewell before kick-off.

Everything is possible, nothing is neccesary. Bayreuth’s coach Timo Rost had said that over and over again in the past few weeks. Then they clearly failed in the playoffs for the third division promotion games at FC Schweinfurt. “We can’t be satisfied with the playoffs either,” said Markus Ziereis, the goal scorer to make it 2-0 on Tuesday. But they have now shown moral standards for that.

The past few weeks have been brutally intense, “says coach Timo Rost

When the noticeably large numbers of sparkling wine bottles that had been brought along on the Eichstätter lawn were emptied, the trainer also admitted: Getting back on the bus home without this title would have felt pretty weird. “Because we would not have rewarded ourselves for the hard work. The past few weeks have been brutally intense,” says Rost. Bayreuth can now save the Toto Cup, which means that the team has a two-week break before the next season preparation begins. By the way, on July 4th a lottery will be made, then the Upper Franconians will also know who they will be up against. Rost wants a Bundesliga club. Promotion candidate FC Schweinfurt would have liked to sit down in the Toto Cup. But the Schnüdel lost on Tuesday evening in the League Cup consolation round in their own stadium against Wacker Burghausen 1: 2 (0: 0).

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Of course, the Bayreuth team will look different next season. Because one experience of the past few weeks was also: the squad is not yet strong enough to meet the high demands of the club. “With the trunk of the team has been extended,” said Rost on Tuesday. However, in Christopher Kracun, Philip Messingschlager and Alexander Piller, three players have just left the club and are moving to the Bayern league club ATSV Erlangen.

In the coming days, so Rost, one or the other additional commitment will possibly be announced. The new players will show how high the demands of Upper Franconia really are, and whether you dare to keep up with the supposedly strongest league competition from Munich (FC Bayern II, SpVgg Unterhaching). It should be nice to compete in the DFB Cup. The priority in the coming season will be on the table in the regional league again.


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