Croatia in great shape, England finish first in their group, latest info

EURO 2021. Another evening full of surprises for this Euro 2021. This Tuesday, Croatia largely dominated its match against Scotland (3-1). As for England, beating the Czech Republic 1-0, it comes out first in group D. Update on the last matches.

The essentials on Euro 2021

  • IN THE PROGRAM. France will play tomorrow night against Portugal, starting at 9 p.m. At the same time, Germany will face Hungary in Munich. Earlier today, Slovakia will meet Spain and Sweden will try their luck against Poland, starting at 6 p.m. In addition, two posters of the round of 16 are known: Wales – Denmark, Saturday June 26 at 6 p.m., and Italy – Austria, the same day at 9 p.m. The calendar
  • LATEST RESULTS. This Tuesday, Croatia emerged victorious from their match against Scotland (3-1) and England gave themselves a good chance by winning their duel against the Czech Republic (1-0). The English thus finished first in group D.
  • NEWS. The French football team has qualified for the round of 16 of Euro 2021. Les Bleus did not play yesterday but the results of the evening’s matches guarantee it, at worst, to obtain a place of best third. Opposed to Portugal on Wednesday, the Blues will have the ambition to win to keep first place in Group F. If they succeed, they will face Switzerland or Ukraine in the next round. If they finish second, it will be against England or the Czech Republic. Finally, if they finish third, Didier Deschamps’ men would face the Netherlands or Belgium. Highlights on and off the pitch, results, standings, qualifications … Follow the latest news from this Euro 2021 and directly.
  • The list of qualifiers for the round of 16 of UEFA Euro 2020: Italy, Belgium, Netherlands (first in group), Wales, Denmark, Austria (second in group), Czech Republic, England, Sweden, France (position to be defined)

Euro 2021: live news


22/06/21 – 23:24 – France could face England in the round of 16

[FIN DU DIRECT] – If the Blues have already qualified for the round of 16, their Wednesday night match against Portugal could influence their opponent for the next match. Indeed, a positive score for France would place it first in its group. We explain it to you according to the two hypotheses:

  • If France wins, she finished first and will face either Switzerland or Ukraine.
  • If France loses, she finished second and will face England.

06/22/21 – 22:52 – Croatia – Scotland: ⌛ End of the match (3-1)!

Croatia’s superiority has been indisputable. At the end of this meeting, the possession of the ball is thus established largely to his advantage (66% against 34% for Scotland). Croatia also created the most serious chances with 6 shots on target against 4 for Scotland and therefore logically wins in this confrontation (3-1). Follow Croatia – Scotland live

06/22/21 – 22:51 – Czech Republic – England: ⌛ End of the match (0-1)!

England’s score advantage (0-1) is quite logical given the figures available at the end of this meeting. The English have indeed had a slight rise in terms of possession of the ball away (43% -57%) but were also and above all more dangerous by framing more shots (4 shots against 2 for the Czech Republic). Follow Czech Republic – England live

06/22/21 – 22:35 – Croatia – Scotland: ⚽ Goal for Croatia (3-1)!

Goal for Croatia, signed Ivan Perisic, in the 77th minute of play in this second half. Follow Croatia – Scotland live

06/22/21 – 22:19 – Croatia – Scotland: ⚽ Goal for Croatia (2-1)!

Goal for Croatia, signed Luka Modric, in the 62nd minute of play in this second half. Follow Croatia – Scotland live

06/22/21 – 22:03 – Czech Republic – England: Start of the 2nd half.

The second half has just been kicked off by Artur Manuel Ribeiro Soares Dias, in London. The score is 0-1. Follow Czech Republic – England live

06/22/21 – 22:03 – Croatia – Scotland: Start of the 2nd half.

It went back to Croatia and Scotland, in Glasgow, where Fernando Rapallini signaled the kick-off. Reminder of the score: 1-1. Follow Croatia – Scotland live

06/22/21 – 21:48 – Croatia – Scotland: It’s the break in Glasgow between Croatia and Scotland

Croatia has control of the ball but is sorely lacking in efficiency: after this first act, possession of the ball is undoubtedly to the advantage of Croatia (72% against 28% for Scotland), which however created fewer opportunities with 1 shots on target against 3 shots on target for Scotland, and who failed to make the difference at the mark (1-1). Follow Croatia – Scotland live

06/22/21 – 21:45 – Czech Republic – England: It’s the break in London between Czech Republic and England

The lights are green for England: at the end of this first round, possession of the ball is undoubtedly in favor of England (58% against 42% for the Czech Republic), which is moreover created the most serious chances with 4 shots on target against 1 shots on target for the Czech Republic and which therefore logically leads in this part. Follow Czech Republic – England live

06/22/21 – 21:41 – Croatia – Scotland: ⚽ Goal for Scotland (1-1)!

Callum McGregor has just found the loophole for Scotland in the 42nd minute of play in this 1st period! Follow Croatia – Scotland live

06/22/21 – 21:16 – Croatia – Scotland: ⚽ Goal for Croatia (1-0)!

Goal in favor of Croatia, scored by Nikola Vlasic, in the 17th minute of play in this 1st period. Follow Croatia – Scotland live

06/22/21 – 21:12 – Czech Republic – England: ⚽ Goal for England (0-1)!

Raheem Sterling has just found the opening for England in the 12th minute of play in this 1st period! Follow Czech Republic – England live

06/22/21 – 21:00 – Czech Republic – England: ⏱️ Kick-off between Czech Republic and England!

The match is launched in London, where the referee whistles the kick-off for Czech Republic – England. Follow Czech Republic – England live

06/22/21 – 21:00 – Croatia – Scotland: ⏱️ It’s off to Hampden Park between Croatia and Scotland!

The match is underway in Glasgow, where the referee has just kicked off Croatia – Scotland. Follow Croatia – Scotland live

06/22/21 – 8:45 pm – Scotland-Croatia and Czech Republic-England: it starts in a few minutes!

Patience patience! The two meetings on Tuesday should start soon. From 9pm, Scotland and Croatia will meet in Glasgow and the Czech Republic and England will look to open the scoring in London.



Euro 2021: find out more

The dates for the final phase of what is still officially called “UEFA Euro 2020” were set last year: the competition is scheduled from June 11 to July 11, 2021. The group stage (six pools of four teams) takes place from June 11 to June 23. The first two of each group and the four best thirds will play the round of 16 on June 26, 27, 28 and 29. The quarter-finals will take place on July 2 and 3, 2021. The semi-finals will be played on July 6 and 7, at Wembley Stadium in London (England) while the final is scheduled for July 11, 2021, at 9 p.m. still at Wembley.

The France team knows its precise schedule during the group stage of Euro football with the place and date of each match. The Blues started against Germany (1-0), then faced Hungary (1-1) then will be opposed to Portugal. The program of matches for France in group F:

  • Tuesday June 15, 2021 (9 p.m.): France – Germany, in Munich
  • Saturday June 19, 2021 (3 p.m.): France – Hungary, in Budapest
  • Wednesday 23 June 2021 (9 p.m.): France – Portugal, in Budapest

• Also discover all the dates and times of the matches as well as the broadcasting channels in our full schedule of Euro 2021 in PDF.

The groups for the final phase of this football Euro, finally played in 2021, were formed on November 30, 2019, during the draw, and completed at the end of the play-offs. The France team inherited a particularly tough hen.

  • The composition of group A: Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales
  • The composition of group B: Belgium, Russia, Denmark, Finland
  • The composition of group C: Ukraine, Netherlands, Austria, North Macedonia
  • The composition of group D: England, Croatia, Czech Republic, Scotland
  • The composition of group E: Spain, Poland, Sweden, Slovakia
  • The composition of group F: Germany, France, Portugal, Hungary

Follow on this page, throughout this UEFA Euro 2020, the results of the matches in each of the six groups, then in the round of 16, quarter-final, semi-final, and final:

The first fortnight of this Euro 2021 football is therefore punctuated by the group stage. The first two from each pool and the four best third will then qualify for the round of 16.

• Discover, over the days on this page, the updated ranking of each of the six groups.

In France, the TV broadcast of matches of the final phase of the Euro is provided by TF1 (twelve games) and M6 (eleven matches including the final) and by beIN Sports (available by subscription), which offers broadcasting the entire competition. All the Blues matches are offered on a free-to-air channel (TF1 or M6). This will also be the case for the semi-finals and the final, even if the Blues do not participate.



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