Colombia vs Argentina: security and Colombian police operation due to protests in Barranquilla | Qatar World Cup

Colombia and Argentina face this Tuesday, June 8 in Barranquilla, in a match on date 8 of the South American Qualifiers to Qatar 2022. The game has a lot of expectations in both countries, as they need to add in the qualifiers; but also because of the social problems that Colombia is experiencing, and because of the protests and violent confrontations that have occurred in the last month, as well as the demonstrations that took place in parties such as Junior vs. River Plate, in Copa Libertadores.

With that background, there is fear. In Colombia, that an embarrassing chapter that goes around the world is presented again; in Argentina, of the integrity of the delegation of his selected one.

Thus, the authorities and the Barranquilla police are carrying out a strong security operation, both inside and outside the Metropolitan Stadium, the venue for the FIFA Qualifiers.

It should be remembered that the game will have an audience in the stands: 10.000 aficionados will be present on the sports stage.

“We have a very special device of more than 2,000 men and women that they will be in the security service of the stadium and its surroundings, but in the same way, 2,500 additional men and women that will guarantee citizen coexistence throughout Barranquilla “, explained Diego Rosero Giraldo, Commander of the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police. 4,500 personnel that they will watch over the peace and the normal development of the party.

In addition, there will be 800 cameras of security, a drone, a helicopter and three safety rings around the Metropolitan Stadium.




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