Chiqui de Paz: “The Avilés project is ambitious and I take it on”

Chiqui de Paz assured that “The Avilés project is ambitious and I assume it. I am very excited and I come to add and help what I consider to be my home “. Chiqui de Paz acknowledged that he had planned to stop training, but the project presented by Avilés “is more than justified for him to change his mind, after consulting with the family and the people around me.” The new coach acknowledged that involving the fans will be one of the priority objectives.

“Now, the city has no excuses for not supporting the club, but it is the team that has to give the fans a boost to return to the field and all together we can achieve the objectives set by the club.”

In this regard, he stressed thate “the club is laying the foundations of a great project, but the base is very solid. Regarding the staff, he said that “you have to go little by little. We have enough time to set up a good team ”. Regarding the start date of the preseason, he pointed out that “we handle the date of July 19, Monday, or maybe a few days before.” And about the coaching staff that will accompany him, he assured that he had decided, but that it will be announced in the coming days




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