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Blues – Notes from France-Bulgaria

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For its final preparation match before the Euro, the France team quietly swept Bulgaria on Tuesday (3-0). The French offensives shone, the Bulgarian goalkeeper floated. The notes of FF.

The notes of the Blues

The Pogbance (8), praise of elegance
Seeing him position himself to N’Golo Kanté’s right before kick-off, we expected to be a little frustrated, Paul Pogba’s comfort zone being more on the other side. But whatever the position, as long as you have the joy. La Pioche hovered over this match, first placing himself very high to support his attackers and infuse aggressive pressing, before alternating between key passes, recoveries, percussion, with this class and this feeling of not forcing anything which belong only to him. And which indicate that he is ready to go on a mission.

Lloris 5
Surname 6
Early 5
Kimpembe 5
Hernandez 5 (replaced in the 46th by Digne 6)
Pogba 8
Kanté 6
Tolisso 7
Griezmann 7
Benzema not rated (replaced in the 41st by Giroud 7)
Mbappé 6

Notes from Bulgaria

Naumov (7), the octopus by eight
Olivier Giroud’s late double necessarily buffered his performance, but the Bulgarian goalkeeper brilliantly delayed the deadline, making eight saves against a frenzied French team. Not always academic but often effective, the last bulwark of CSKA 1948 suffered as best it could behind a regularly overwhelmed defense. Without his exploits, Bulgaria would have taken the tide (like Stoudemire) much earlier, and Naumov notably opposed a frustrated Kylian Mbappé four times.

Naumov 7
Turitsov 4
Hristov 5
Antov 5
Bozhikov 4
Despodov 4
Kraev 5
Chochev 4
I.Iliev 4
Yankov 4
A. Iliev 3

The referee: A. Sidiropoulos (GRE) 6
The score of the match: 13/20.

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