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BASKETBALL – Raphaël Raguette: “Longueau is the right choice for me”

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New recruit of ESCLAMS, Raphael Raguette, with a great experience in NM2, tells us about his arrival and his objectives for the coming season.

What are the reasons for your coming to Longueau?

Because among the proposals that I was able to receive, it is one of the proposals that caught my attention the most. When I spoke with the coach, the objectives, his way of seeing things, the way he wants to build the team but also the closeness, because it brings me closer to my family, finally convinced me. All of this together makes Longueau the right choice for me.

What are your goals for next season?

Individually, I will try to continue to prove that I am a confirmed NM2 player, or even try, through my performances, to know the NM1, whether with Longueau or elsewhere. I really want to continue my progress to reach my goals.

You experienced an increase in NM1 with Les Sables Vendee, why not stay?

It was more a choice of the coach than a personal choice. He preferred to trust experienced players rather than a young player with little experience like me at the time. So I left the club for another NM2 club. It is quite rare that we trust young players without experience in NM1.

I am a more defensive player

How would you define your style of play?

I define myself as an energetic player, I like to bring energy to the team on the pitch. I also like to do “the dirty work” by going for defensive and offensive rebounds, by running everywhere and always bringing the maximum. I am a more defensive player and will help the big players to score more, but I also liked in the past to have more responsibilities. It’s something different that I didn’t know before. I am capable of scoring and I have proven it, but it is not my first quality.

The coach has a lot of confidence in young people, is that important to you?

I saw how the coach was able to do it last year and what he wanted to put in place this year and I found that interesting. We have a very young squad because I’m one of the oldest, it’s usually the reverse. This gives a team that thirsts for victory with players who want to prove their quality. All, well supervised by experienced players, it can give good things like last season. I like teams that fight to the end, that will go and tear up matches, that corresponds to my state of mind. It was also a big plus in my signing because I recognize myself in what the coach wants to do.

After an almost blank season, what is your feeling?

I can’t wait to be in August to return to the venue. I hope that we will be able to find the audience because it’s totally different without an audience. The atmosphere is not the same with or without the audience. He can make the difference in a tight end to the game.

I hope I can play as high as possible.

Do you have any goals for the coming years?

My goal was to assert myself in NM2, that’s what I’m doing I think, then I would like to aim for NM1. But I’m not setting a date, it will come when it comes and I hope to be able to play as high as possible.

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