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Badminton season closing with closing tournament

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On June 5 at the facilities of the sports complex ‘Antonio Campoamor’ the ‘3rd Closing Tournament’ was held organized by the Federation of badminton of Ceuta.

The development of the activity had a fortunate outcome (taking into account the irregularity of the end of the past year and the beginning of the present, marked by the pandemic situation and that fully affected the development of sports activities) with the school and federated categories, on the one hand, and on the other, as a novelty, the Family doubles category, where the enrollment of parents and relatives of the students of the ICD Badminton School and Badminton Federation.

The final results were as follows:

Category A (fingerling):

3rd Javier León Sánchez

2nd Angel Villalobos Pérez

1st Yailyn P. Reyes Guerra

Category B (Infant and Cadet):

3rd Carolina Ruiz García

2nd Nadia Malagón Oulled

1º Adam Mohamed Mohamed

Family Doubles Category:

3rd Katia R. Guerra Torres and Yailyn Reyes Guerra

2nd Jesús Malagón Pareja and Nadia Malagón Oulled

1º Luis M. Zurera Rodriguez and Carmen Zurera Gómez

Men’s Individual Category:

3rd Antonio J. Cano Rando

2º Nossair Hachad

1st Francisco J. Díaz Barrera

At the end of the Tournament, the trophies were handed out by its President, José Miguel Sánchez Delgado and management team, urging young athletes to enroll in future activities and Schools, such as the Summer Campaign of the ICD, which will present as a novelty the ‘Air Badminton’ on the beach (a modality that is making its way worldwide in the summer season, fundamentally, and that allows play in open spaces and with new regulations).

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A new opportunity for lovers of this sport, since they will be able to continue exercising in summer. The novelty of ‘Air Badminton’ is arousing passion among specialists in this sport, as it is a fun way to enjoy badminton.

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