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Another complicated sporting year for the Triais judokas but young people, from the smallest (the youngest is 4 years old) to the oldest (12 years old) have finally found the dojo.

Even if the number of their licensees has halved, the leaders of the Judo Club Triais were keen to maintain a certain activity as soon as the federation authorized it. This is why, since March 24, they have arranged to meet outside the judokas for non-contact activities (games, workshops) practically once a week. “The goal was to maintain a link with the young athletes and their parents and everyone was delighted” said Myriam Lacaze, president of the club.

But, good news, since May 19, classes have been held in the dojo, on the tatami mats! The children were happy to be able to put their judoji back on and do Randori again and the most difficult, perhaps, was to find the discipline imposed on a tatami.

The adults of Taïso will resume indoor lessons on June 9. In the meantime, Thierry continues to offer this activity on sports grounds in Trie.

Myriam would like to thank all the license holders for their loyalty, and “thank you to Thierry our teacher, who has been able to adapt to this very special season”.

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