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Arizona’s miraculous touchdown that marks the action of the 2020 season

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The Cardinals scored an incredible touchdown at the very last second, giving them the unexpected victory over the Buffalo Bills.

The NFL season is not yet over in the United States but we will have to be very strong in the coming weeks to do better than Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hokpins, authors, on Sunday, of the most beautiful action of the year 2020 with an incredible touchdown to the key, giving a victory to the snatch to their team.

Eleven seconds from the end of the game, the Cardinals were very badly embarked on this meeting, led by the Buffalo Bills (26-30). The victory extended its arms to the visitors who mastered their opponents from a distance, 50 yards from the “end zone”, the end zone. But on their latest move at State Farm Stadium, the Glandale franchise (in suburban Phoenix) achieved the impossible.

Kyler Murray, the quarterback, the playing master of the team responsible for delivering the passes, grabbed the ball, by moving back he avoided the tackle of an opponent before sending a pass from 50 yards (45 meters approximately) towards a teammate. The missile flew off before landing, two seconds from the end of regulation time, in the arms of DeAndre Hokpins, surrounded by three opponents. With a steady hand, the wide receiver managed to grab the ball before falling to the ground. A bright pass for a perfect reception and the Cardinals finally won 32-30 on this action of anthology.

“Never say it’s impossible”

In the United States, the action looped on all channels before being greeted by the sports world on social networks. LeBron James went there with his little congratulatory tweet, just like the PGA Tour which had its eyes riveted on the Augusta Masters or other big names in US sport. A shower of praise to which one of the two heroes of the evening responded, via his Twitter account with these few words: “Never say that it is impossible”.


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