Archery, Italy on the podium with the mixed compound pair. Tomorrow Musolesi challenges Ellison in the recurvo – OA Sport

Italy unlocks after five days and conquers the first podium in Paris on the occasion of the third round of the season Archery World Cup 2021 outdoor. Today the program was reserved for the finals of the compound division, while tomorrow the decisive challenges of the recurvo will be staged with a committed blue (Federico Musolesi).

At the Charléty stadium in Paris, the mixed blue compound couple formed by Paola Natale and Federico Pagnoni did well, winning the final for 3rd place thanks to a truly remarkable performance. 159-156 the final result in favor of the Bel Paese, which won against the Denmark of Tanja Gellenthien and Mathias Fullerton.

Victory for Russia in the final over Colombia for 157-156, testifying to the fantastic score signed by the tricolor team. Appointment set for tomorrow afternoon for the individual semifinals of the men’s recurvo, with ours Musolesi called to the impossible feat against reigning world champion Brady Ellison.

Foto: World Archery



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