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Anthony Davis announces the color for next season!

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Still very active, even without basketball, Anthony Davis was recently live. The Laker took the opportunity to talk about the future, and especially next season. It’s only June, but Unibrow is already ready for the sequel.

While the Lakers have had a huge disappointment this season, it’s clear that injuries have played a big part in it all. LeBron James’ ankle problems have penalized this team in the regular season, and Anthony Davis has had his usual share of glitches. The King has just stepped up to the plate recently, blame it on Kawhi Leonard’s injury.

The stars are injured, but this year looks different again. The concerns are many, and we already know what the Angelinos will focus on next year. The priority will be health, and having a full roster will be necessary. We know precisely front office priority.

While waiting for the continuation and a summer which promises to be agitated, it is Davis who has just decided to talk about him. No vacation at the moment regarding the interior, who spends time on Twitch. Recently live, he wanted to reassure about his state of health, while sending a message for the rest of the festivities.

I feel good the chat. Everything is fine with my groin. Believe me, we will be ready for next year. We will be there.

Visibly recovered from his injury, Davis is already eager to do battle for the new season. Good news for the fans, even if it will take a few more months to find this team on the floors. The ambition remains the same: the title, or nothing.

However, in the West, the competition is fiercer than ever, and the Lakers will need to make sure they have a good offseason. Andre Drummond has rightly announced the color, which could be a game-changer.

Ready for the new season, Anthony Davis is recovering from his injuries. Good news for the Lakers, who will have to wait a few months to officially find the courts. No doubt, it will be explosive in 2022.

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