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amazing but true, Derrick Rose got a vote for the first place

by archysport

Nikola Jokic is therefore the MVP 2020-21, without too many surprises, and if the brilliant pivot of the Nuggets logically dominates the final standings, the summary of the votes has often offered us some funny treats. Uncle Chris Paul in fifth place but no Devin Booker in the Top 15, LeBron James on the verge of being zapped from the collective memories of 2021, the discretion of Kawhi Leonard who plays tricks on him, Rudy Gobert who shows his face, Kyrie Irving who is looking for his and, above all, Derrick Rose who obtains a… first place, we take stock of all the… how we already say, oh yes, the incongruities of this ranking.

Actually, we don’t give a damn, no one will remember it for more than three weeks, but it’s still funny. The first observation? Nikola Jokic has therefore not gone “so far” from unanimous consecration, which, in the end, would not have been completely crazy either. 91 first places, eight second places and a drunk guy, a guy we will talk about in a few lines. Victory for Jokic by KO therefore, and behind a fairly clearly defined Top 5. Joel Embiid in two, no complaints, Steph Curry to complete the podium that we knew, and then we start to laugh a little.

Several interesting observations on reading this classification. First, Stephen Curry has achieved a season 453 times more valuable than LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard and James Harden, not sure that the proportion is well respected but we said it above: “that makes us laugh”. We are looking everywhere for Kyrie Irving for whom a season in 27/5/6, at 50/40/90 shooting in the second best team in the East … is not enough to be part of the fifteen best players of the League. LeBron James? Worst ranking in the MVP race of his career. Ninth in his rookie season, eleventh in 2019 and fourteenth this season, if we lacked respect we would talk about EHPAD but we will wait a few more months. Going up a little we do not find Donovan Mitchell but we see a wild Rudy Gobert, we do not find Devin Booker either, because he will be MVP in 2022, but we find – very high – un Chris Paul who has probably bought a few votes succeeded in making the Suns an omnipotence and which today deserves the attention which is given to it.

We can then note the few considerations for Damian Lillard or Luka Doncic, the few deserved kisses to Julius Randle, then… OH PETARD, in ninth place appears Derrick Rose, a sentence to be read again sitting down after having taken a sip of Pastis, yes, even at 4am. Possible that the journalist who therefore considered that D-Rose was the best player in the League himself chose to vote while intoxicated, so we found the one who put Nikola Jokic third and we also imagine that he must have put Chris Paul in 2, also possible that Spike Lee broke into that person’s home and threatened to produce a doc on Kevin Knox’s career if he didn’t put D-Rose in the first place, but the most probable eventuality remains a missclick from the person in charge of the votes, and we will stop there because we want to continue to believe in life, to believe in a form of justice.

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A guy who thinks Derrick Rose is the best player in the League in 2021, James Harden, LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard 453 times less valuable than Steph Curry, a Rudy who deserves and so much to say finally on this funny little board. Might as well take it as a joke eh, apart from the final podium nothing really matters. We just say to ourselves that even if it means stalling an unexpected D-Rose, we might as well hit the bars and swing a Tacko Fall, right?

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