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Altuve’s avalanche of power in June

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As in the old days, José Altuve is experiencing one of the sweetest moments of his career, registering nine home runs in June, which represents his best figure in the same campaign month.

The Houston Astros and the Venezuelan are going through a sweet stretch since the end of May, taking into account that the sidereal have savored the honeys of victory in 11 of the 15 games they have played this month, while they are 8-2 in their last ten commitments.

For his part, the native of Puerto Cabello has accumulated nine full-round hits since June 1, which represents the third time that “AstroBoy” has hit nine hits in a month of harvest. He previously did so in April and August of the 2019 season.

With nearly two weeks to go in this third month of the season, Altuve could hit ten home runs out of thirty. for the first time in his career.

Plus, his nine homers are the most for any major league hitter since the end of May. The Creole waiter is followed by his compatriot Salvador Pérez and Jonathan Schoop with seven.

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Altuve has eight home runs in his last ten games, thus becoming the sixth Venezuelan to hit at least that many home runs in a span of ten games.

Only Miguel Cabrera (2010), Andrés Galarraga (1995), Carlos González (2016), Ronald Acuña Jr. (2019) and Bob Abreu had achieved it, who at the time sounded nine in 2005.

For the infielder’s teammates what he’s been up to is nothing new.

“I’m not surprised. He is a phenomenal player. Hope it keeps up. It’s fun to hit after him, it’s fun to watch him and be friends with him, ”trooper Michael Brantley told MLB of Altuve’s success.

Focused on winning

For José Altuve the most important thing is to win, well above his recent offensive promotion.

However, his hitting has helped his team stay on the lookout for the AL West by leading the Astros within two games of the leading Oakland Athletics.

That is why the Venezuelan hopes to continue contributing to the cause of the sidereal.

“I think every hitter has a good time. I’m not trying to hit home runs. I just want to put the ball in play to score runs like we have, ”the bartender told MLB.

“I am happy that we are winning some games.” The Puerto Cabello native has four home runs in his last eight at-bats.

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