Allow Fans to Wear their Champions League Medal


N’Golo Kante is spreading kindness again. Now, the Chelsea midfielder has allowed one of his fans to wear his Champions League winner’s medal.

Reported Daily Mail, a viral photo showing Kante taking a photo with his fans. In the spotlight, the fan wore a gold medal belonging to his idol.

The medal is the Champions League winner’s medal, which Kante just won with Chelsea some time ago. Kante fans were seen wearing medals, kissing them and even biting them.

In the photo, Kante is seen holding a fan-made jersey. A jersey with the name Kante and the back number seven, which was made with stitches, was held by the 30-year-old player. Of course, Kante with his trademark smile held the jersey next to his fan.

The photo went viral after being uploaded by Abu Bakr Bapube on Facebook. Photos of Kante and fans sharing happiness are liked by many.

That moment is proof that Kante is indeed a good person. As a top footballer, he does not hesitate to share with fans how it feels to win a gold medal from a prestigious event.

Kante himself is a Chelsea hero this season. The French midfielder helped The Blues won the Champions League trophy.

Kante even became a star in the final match, when Chelsea beat Manchester City 1-0 at the Estadio Do Dragao, Porto, Portugal, last May 30. Although he didn’t score, his performance was crucial enough to help Chelsea win the game.

With this victory, Kante completes his title achievements. He can now win the Champions League, after previously being able to win the English League, Europa League and 2018 World Cup.

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