After the closure of a judo hall in Sidi Bel Abbès: Sportsmen protest and appeal to the mayor

The closure of a judo hall, located in the Larbi Ben M’hidi district (Gambetta), occupied by the El Fajr association, arouses the indignation of dozens of sportsmen who evoke a flagrant “injustice”.

The room in question, a property belonging to the municipality, was closed and sealed at the end of May, “dispossessing some 300 sportsmen of a building made available to them since 2014”, explains the El Fajr association in a press release. According to Mr. Belkadi Habib, president of the association, this decision came when three other judo clubs benefit from all the “attention” of elected officials, substantial financial aid from the APC and spaces for training more spacious and better equipped compared to his club. “We tried, patiently, not to get into the unhealthy game aimed at bringing into conflict the members of the various judo clubs in the city,” he adds.

But, unfortunately, we ended up being outside for spurious reasons, and this a few weeks before the start of local and national competitions. “

According to the members of the association, the results snatched during the last years (medal at the national championship in the junior category, medal in the cadet category at the African championship, and others) have not likely weighed heavily in the decision-making process. which resulted in the closure of a room that could barely contain 50 judokas, all categories combined.

Speaking to the city’s chief magistrate, the members of the association call on him to reconsider this decision which risks putting an early end to the careers of dozens of young athletes.

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