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A new brand identity in judo

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Calligraphy? Two judokas in combat? The drawing of a technical gesture? … Everyone will perceive the message he sees there. One month before the start of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the cradle of the discipline, the French Judo Federation has a new logo, a new visual identity and even a new name: now it will be France Judo. It is a wish of Stéphane Nomis. Arrived at the head of the sports federation in November 2020, after beating Jean-Luc Rougé the outgoing president, the former international converted into a businessman, affixes his paw.

« It is important to show the new dynamism and the new ambitions of the federation in all sectors, explains Stéphane Nomis. We want to succeed everywhere and we wanted to create something new “. France Judo, like France Rugby for the French Rugby Federation, will be the brand of the sports body, whose official name, French Federation of Judo, Jujitsu, Kendo and associated disciplines, does not change. The name is simpler.

12,000 responses

Stéphane Nomis ensures that this new identity and brand has been worked on with all the clubs. The Quatre agency, at the initiative of all of the work, built its reflection on the 12,000 responses to a questionnaire sent to licensees. The proposal, out of four, was voted on at the General Assembly. ” We bring judo back to the territories, explains Stéphane Nomis. At the same time, we will modernize the communication of the discipline ».

The new president ensures that the sports body has just started a strategic shift. ” I think this turn was eagerly awaited by the clubs, he asserts. We will create new services for them, such as a company that listens to its customers “. The objective is to support the development of clubs by helping them, in particular, to find new funding from private partners. The France Judo brand should be a good asset in the discussions.

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Four folded for judo

Specialist in brand design, the Quatre agency signs with the French Judo Federation its first major achievement in the strict world of sport. Gregory Vincens, president and founder of the brand, explains having worked on “ a strong brand symbolism and very simple at the same time “. For him, the new logo is “ a moving sign between calligraphy and sporting gesture “. It will evolve according to the disciplines of the federation: each will have its own specific. The dominant color blue is inspired by the works of Yves Klein, himself a former 4th dan in judo.

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