4 shoe styles that never go with a suit

There are different shoe styles for a special reason, each one of them fulfills a different function and that means that there are pairs that look better with casual, sporty or formal looks, and that there are cases where mixing and matching is not necessarily the best idea.

Part of what makes fashion interesting is that you can be as creative as you want, the idea is to express yourself through your clothes and send a message through the colors and garments you decide to wear, that is why in recent years the rules have changed and what was previously considered a fatal error now no longer it is so much.

It is true that now you can carry you go to the office, combine striking prints, add accessories and even play with hair and nail color, but it is also true that there are “rules” that are there for a reason and that rather they are guides that help you look your best no matter the occasion.

There are shoes that will never look good with suits


When it comes to suits, the rules say It should fit you perfectly Regarding the length of the sleeves and legs, in addition to the fact that you should be able to move comfortably without bursting the seams, it is also said that black is classic and that you can change your shirt for a T-shirt for a more casual and relaxed look. The suit is no longer that super serious garment that defined office men, it can be very cool, free and risky, but even to take risks you have to do it in a calculated way, knowing that certain decisions can be disastrous.

In terms of shoes, there are some that will always work (such as the loafers o go classics Oxford) and others that make everything lose coherence or even make it seem that you dressed that way by accident.

Nicholas Braun

The styles of shoes that do not go with a suit:


Questlove maybe he wanted to convince you with his Crocs gold at the Oscars, but that was more of an eccentricity from someone who was going to an awards ceremony and wanted to make sure they generated conversation.

The Crocs maybe they are trending (not kidding), but that doesn’t change the fact that they are plastic shoes that are completely casual and casual, and that look better when you take them to the pool so you don’t burn your feet on the hot pavement . By wearing them with a suit you are only going to make it look like you have injured your foot and that you cannot put on shoes.

Houndstooth sandals

Sure you can use sandals with a suit more casual (as with a linen one), but this depends on the style of the sandals. With the houndstooth the same thing happens with the CrocsThey are super casual shoes that don’t really add much to a more formal look, and that end up giving the impression that you didn’t have time to finish dressing.

The houndstooth sandals they really belong only on the beach and on summer vacations, paired with your favorite shorts or bathing suits.

Photo of The Beatles walking

Heavy boots

The Beatles o go Rolling Stones they combined Chelsea botas with suits and that looked great, and continues to do so today, but the key to combining boots with suits is in the details. Very heavy boots (thick sole or work boots) do not work as they do not fit under the legs of the pants without making the whole look bulky, plus they have a style that clashes with that of most suits .

If you are going to wear boots, you should stick with Oxford, Chelsea or those with a slimmer silhouette.

Tennis to do exercises

The classic white tennis shoes They can be seen very well with a sports suit with cropped pants that reveal the ankle, but not all sneakers will look good with a suit. Those who exercise, for example, remember those office workers who changed their shoes to go out to eat or walk home, but who knew they had to change when they got to the office or their destination in question because the look was strange.

For tennis, stick with the minimalist silhouettes, you can even wear High Tops (or boot tennis) if they are correct.



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