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Zion indirectly responsible for a major departure from the Pelicans?

by archysport

As talented as he is, Zion Williamson has not yet tasted the playoffs since the start of his young career. The cast at his side is however correct, but not yet enough. He could just push a player to leave, at least indirectly.

As has often been the case in recent years, the Pelicans will want to move on quickly. The franchise did not qualify for the playoffs this season, and one statistic perfectly sums up the shortcomings of this team. A huge disappointment for Zion Williamson’s teammates, who will have to try to rectify the situation for 2021.

But without too much surprise, and before thinking about a recruitment, the front office will have to erase the problems within its locker room. Inglorious rumors have leaked recently about the manager, suggesting thatan implosion is not so far away.

In all this, we find Zion, who probably does not know the hoped-for start of his career. If the colossus is largely level, this is not the case with the collective. We can expect some changes this summer, especially with the soap opera Lonzo Ball, which will be on the market and which is already closely followed by a team.

However, and according to information from Michael Scotto, it is Zion who could push the point guard towards the exit. Indirectly at least:

Corridor rumors that the Bulls are interested regarding Lonzo Ball do exist, although it depends on the source. The hope is that Lonzo will hit around 20 million a year on his next contract. I don’t know if New Orleans will line up with such a prize, especially since their role declined at the end of the season.

So, what is Zion doing in this story? It’s pretty simple: Lonzo saw his role diminish during this fiscal year, which seems obvious if you closely follow the performance of the franchise. Considered a creator, the former Laker is now content to defend and stay in the corner the vast majority of the time.

A kind of 3 & D, which does not correspond too much with the qualities of Lonzo. But with Brandon Ingram, and especially Zion, the leader no longer necessarily has the opportunity to express himself as before, leaving little room for him in the future of the Pelicans.

Lonzo Ball isn’t as important as he used to be in New Orleans, and the Zion Williamson outbreak could push him to leave. Everything will depend on the contract, but it’s hard to imagine the Pelicans offering him 20 million a year. Here is a soap opera to follow closely.

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