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Zidane, Allegri, Conte … Prestigious benches to seize urgently: these great coaches who set the market on fire

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Zinedine Zidane

Here he is free as the air. But not necessarily calm. At the end of the cycle at Real Madrid, Zinédine Zidane preferred to take the tangent and leave with the honors rather than stubbornly in a new trap season. Tired of the Madrid ecosystem, the Frenchman was rather a candidate for a well-deserved break. But recent echoes around his case suggest that a new challenge could titillate him. It remains to be seen where.


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We do not leave Real Madrid to go anywhere. Juventus Turin seemed the right destination but the Old Lady seems to prefer Max Allegri’s candidacy for a winning comeback. With the Blues, the place is taken, just like in Manchester United where his name had filtered in 2019. Of all the coaches on the market, it is undoubtedly the one who will paradoxically have the fewest serious candidates.

Like all coaches, a workforce built for winning. In addition to his salary of 12 million euros per year, ZZ can not be satisfied with a club not aiming for the final victory in C1. To satisfy him, we will therefore need an exciting and winning project. They were not that many at the time of the Covid.

  • The stat that slams on his CV: 3

Like his Champions League number on the clock. With Ancelotti and Paisley, he sits at the top of the most sacred coaches in C1. Hard to be more attractive.

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Mauricio Pochettino

Statistically, PSG has just experienced its worst season since the arrival of QSI. Arrived during the season, Mauricio Pochettino is only partially responsible for the poor results, but already seems to have had enough. In any case, this is what reports The Independent, The Sun and more seriously The Athletic, who explain that the Argentine, tired of his weak power in Paris, would consider a return to Tottenham. Six months after his arrival, it would be a real explosion in the capital.

There only seems to be one, but in a pretty serious way. TF1 and Sky Sports confirmed that a meeting had taken place between Pochettino and Daniel Levy, Spurs’ president, over a possible return. If PSG is for the moment confident in the file, the London club is looking for a coach for next season …

Highest paid coach in the history of PSG, and therefore of Ligue 1, Mauricio Pochettino has also enjoyed a nice jackpot since his dismissal from Tottenham in 2019 (around 14.5 million euros). There is no doubt that the Parisian coach will want to keep a salary similar to the one he receives today. But he would also like a more powerful role in the club, he who is said to be currently frustrated by certain operations at PSG.
  • The stat that slams on his CV: 3
That is the number of days it took him for PSG to win his first trophy. With one more Coupe de France since then, Pochettino has defeated his Indian sign and shown he can win. For Tottenham, without a title since 2008, it can make all the difference.

Massimiliano Allegri

He has been without a bench since 2019, and with each period of uncertainty around the future of a great coach, his name comes up. Massimiliano Allegri has been free for two years, and associated with several clubs, the most serious of which is Juventus Turin, which he managed for five seasons previously. According to Sky Italy, his signature is only a matter of hours.

For such a coach, who has won five Scudetti with the Old Lady, contenders are pouring in, and the names are roaring. Thus, the PSG has already approached it as in 2019, according to the Gazzetta dello Sport, and where Leonardo particularly appreciates him, while Real Madrid have also reportedly tried to make him Zidane’s successor. But the heart of the Italian technician seems indeed intended for Juve.
He must of course want a workforce in Turin on the way to find the elite of Italian football, after the anomaly of fourth place this season. His arrival should be linked to a departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, the two men do not get along well, and a desire to establish everything on the “collective”.
  • The stat that slams on his CV: 100%

With the Old Lady, Allegri has always won Serie A, during his five seasons on the bench of the Bianconeri, including twice with the Italian Cup in addition. It is in C1 that the situation was more complicated, and where he will also be judged.

Massimiliano Allegri, back at Juventus?

Credit: Getty Images

Antonio Conte

Champion, and then goes. Obviously not ready to undergo the austerity cure that is preparing for Inter Milan, Conte preferred to slam the door, just days after the epilogue of a historic season for the Nerazzurri. As with Juve and Chelsea, the Italian coach leaves angry with his management, who have already found a successor in the person of Simone Inzaghi.

Not many of them can afford Antonio Conte’s emoluments (between 11 and 12 million euros per season at Inter, the club’s highest-paid man), but discussions have taken place with Real Madrid according to RMC Sport, while PSG keep an eye on the situation in the event of Pochettino’s departure. Few serious contenders that said, a symbol that Conte may have “burned” for the big clubs now.

They are gigantic, as always. Conte is a man as ambitious as he is exhausting, and the reasons for his strained relations with all his directions may lie there. The club that wants to get their hands on him must expect to have to carry out mercatos in line with the ambitions of the Italian and his demands.

  • The stat that slams on his CV: 71.4%

Over the past ten years, and his seven club seasons, Antonio Conte has won his national championship five times, with three different clubs (Juventus, Chelsea, Inter), or 71% of the time. His last two titles, with the Blues and the Nerazzurri, have shown teams with very pleasant football. It can play, without a doubt.

Impulsive and angry, has Conte burned himself? “From one day to the next, anything can happen with him”

Maurizio Sarri

The Italian comes out of three very different years. In 2019 with Chelsea, Sarri won the Europa League by finishing an honorable 3rd place in the Premier League. Enough to convince Juventus Turin, who made him their coach for the following season before sacking him at the end of the year, after the fiasco of Lyon’s elimination in the Champions League. After a year away from the benches, the tactician seems ready to return to service.

They are very numerous, in Italy and in England. Sarri seemed on the shelves of AS Roma and Inter. The Louve club finally favored José Mourinho, when Sarri declined the Nerazzurri’s offer to him according to Sportitalia. The Gazzetta dello Sport report that Arsenal and Tottenham are interested in his profile, with a more “plausible” lead leading to Spurs.

Probably the possibility of installing a 4-3-3 with “low point”, his trademark, which he did not necessarily have at Juventus, Pjanic not being made for the role of regista. His tactics are known, he needs the players to put it in place and be efficient. His return to Italy also seemed to be the consequence of his desire to be close to his family and his parents. To be continued…

  • The stat that slams on his CV: 876

At 62, Maurizio Sarri has already coached 876 matches since 1990. An experience that is difficult to match and which works in his favor.

Christophe galtier

Like Conte, he decided to leave after a league title. For Christophe Galtier, it may be more because it’s the end of the cycle, and not necessarily a fear of downward ambitions like the Italian. His departure from Lille, however, seems synonymous with an arrival elsewhere, without respite. If a first adventure abroad as head coach seemed possible for a while, Galtier should nevertheless remain in Ligue 1 next year.

There was Lille, who wanted to keep him. There was also Naples, which however seems to be moving on other tracks as well. There was also Lyon, which Galtier seriously considered, but which he will not train according to RMC Sport and The team. There is especially Nice, and the project around the INEOS group, which does not leave the French coach indifferent. With the latest trends, this is where the former LOSC will put his bags.
According to his interview in L’Equipe, “(s)we will never make a choice on the financial aspect“. We are talking about the double of his Lille salary that awaits him on the Côte d’Azur, which cannot be trivial. Still, an ambitious project, like that of the LOSC promised a few years ago seasons, with short-term European ambitions seems to be what tempts Galtier above all.
  • The stat that slams on his CV: 3

Or his number of trophies for “best coach of the season” in Ligue 1, with respectively Saint-Etienne (2013) and Lille (2019 and 2021), in other words not mastodons of the French championship. Proof of the quality of Christophe Galtier as head coach, if proof was needed.

Christophe Galtier, Lille coach and French champion

Credit: Getty Images


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