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“Yes, Mourinho is going to kick shins and bring bad football, but hey …” | Series A.

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Filip Joos is not a super fan of José Mourinho, but his heart has started beating faster at the news of his appointment.

“The club is at an absolute low point: Roma have not won anything for years and it no longer counts. In the Europa League it was ridiculed by Manchester United. It was a miracle that it has come this far”, says Joos. 90 Minutes.

“Fonseca lasted 2 years under these conditions, which is a small miracle. The bookmakers were 100% sure Sarri would succeed him. And now they are taking Mourinho out of the hat. I think it’s fantastic news.”

“I am absolutely not a fan of Mourinho’s football, but because the club cannot drop lower and Mourinho cannot go higher, both careers will now meet. Who knows, they can relaunch each other.”

“I think Mourinho is in the right place in Roma. It’s a real pressure cooker there. Yes, he’s going to kick shins and bring bad football, but hey … We saw that already.”

Filip Joos thinks that the arrival of Mourinho alone will not be enough to get Roma back on top. “He will also be allowed to get something. I don’t think he will come in the knowledge that he has to do it with these guys. If he has seen the defense against Manchester United …”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he brought Fellaini to Roma. He won the Europa League final for him. It would also suit Roma perfectly.”

There is a real chance that Roma will not play European football next season. “He might not even mind. Imagine … Mourinho in the Conference League! For the Europa League, he already turned his nose up, until he was waving that cup and had to make a huge turn.”

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