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Woody Allen, «Each set is a pain, I’ve never made a masterpiece» – Corriere.it

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With the air of someone who does not want to be an intellectual but a baseball fan, from the sofa in his living room, behind many books, Woody Allen talks about Rifkin’s Festival, the first major film to be released in theaters (from tomorrow by Vision Distribution), boycotted in the US for the alleged sexual harassment of his daughter. .

On the screen we meet his alter ego (Wallace Shawn), a former film professor, ugly, cultured, funny, out of time, full of idiosyncrasies, raised with the European masters who accompanies his wife (Gina Gershon) to the San Sebastian Film Festival , press officer of a pretentious director (Louis Garrel) who falls in love with; he is sure to save the world with his films, starting with the peace between Arabs and Israelis, “my film should be shown at the UN”.

THE ROOMS «I’m very pessimistic, but I was already before the pandemic, the rooms closed one after the other. People prefer to spend less and stay at home, with bigger and bigger screens and good sound, by pressing a button they choose the movie they want, with no people coughing next to them. I don’t watch TV series, my wife sees them, I prefer sports and news. I think that Gone With the Wind e The Godfather should be seen in the room, among hundreds of people, and not on TV or on the computer ».

MY IDEAL FESTIVAL «It’s the same one that my protagonist has in mind, full of European directors, the ones who made me want to do this job: Fellini, De Sica, Bergman, Godard, Truffaut. They are the ones who have made American cinema grow. I chose San Sebastian because it is less well known than others and the locations are splendid. But I don’t believe in competitions, who decides if Truffaut is better than Fellini? It is too subjective. Contests don’t make sense. But the Festivals, meeting people who are passionate about cinema and discussing it, are magnificent experiences ».

IN USA «I think it will be released in the United States, we have received offers, both for theaters and for streaming. I’m not worried about myself but about cinema in general. In the USA he remained immature, as a boy he seemed childish to me. The decisions depend on who puts the money into it, here it was the financiers who decided that I shot it in Europe. And for the next movie, which he will remember Match Point, I’ll go back to Paris ».

THE BIG QUESTIONS “In this story there are certain big questions of life. It can be answered on society, politics, interpersonal relationships. But on existential questions we must surrender ».

THE PROTAGONIST “Wallace Shawn has already appeared in other films of mine, at first I thought of an actor younger than him, then I thought that for someone who grew up with European cinema it would take someone more years old, like me, even if he he’s ten less. The protagonists of my stories always have some traits of my personality, even if it is not me who brings them on the screen, they are familiar to me, I find doubts, anxieties, humor ».

VITTORIO STORARO «We will continue to work if it is available. In the past I had another Italian champion like Carlo Di Palma as a director of photography ».

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