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Winning debut for Softball La Loggia stopped only by the rain with Legnano – Il Mercoledi

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Posted on May 31, 2021

Fantastic debut for Softball La Loggia in the Serie A2 group A championship. The first day for rest stops, the girls entrusted this year to Ernestina Bellotti (with the help of pitching coach Maria Grazia Barberis and coach Giulia Villirillo, Luca Rinella, Francesco Sansalone and Daniele Schimmenti) have in fact opened their season by overcoming the very favorite Sacco Legnano in the first scheduled game, only to be stopped by the rain in the second when in the fourth inning they were 6-5 ahead.

To satisfy the management, technicians and players loggesi the reaction had in both matches. Almost dramatic, in fact, the start with the guests able to immediately reach 5-0 at the first attack available (thanks also to Gosselin’s three-point home run). However, it was enough to become more and more familiar with the diamond to completely reverse the situation. To kick off the comeback in the third inning, before the points were scored, a spectacular catch against the baseline nets of the center winger Viviana Griffa that raised everyone’s morale starting from the very young pitcher Valeria Maresca, class 2005, who, on his debut in the category, during the second half (as in the previous replacement from Sprocati) no longer collected any points, actually ending with 2 strike out (from the fourth inning Sofia Paiola, born in 2004, will conclude the game).

And at the change in front here comes the first round of the field completed by Alessandra Gennero which went first for baseball, in second on finally stolen at home on Giulia Salerno’s double. The only small signal from Legnano in the upper part of the next inning when the sixth point entered. Then it was a Loggese crescendo with six points brought home by Arianna Agrò, Laura Verduci, Alessandra Gennero, Michela Corazza, Angelica Agrò and Giulia Salerno (author of a triple rbi with three Corsican bases). The change of pitcher was worth nothing with the entry of Monti after two balls thrown by Andorno on Angelica Agrò (later advanced precisely for baseball). In the next round another change of pitcher for the Lombard coach but no result, indeed, the new arrival at home of Verduci and Gennero who fix the score at 9-6 (or if you prefer the American version with the first guests 6-9 nominated ).

Very similar to the start of the second game with the 0-5 guest who reaches the third inning, however, unleashing the Loggese attack in the fourth with another six points all together. Too bad that at the end the rain began to fall impetuously on the field leading first to the suspension and then to the cancellation of the match.

“Last year there was not even a success – says the satisfied president Giorgio Bonaguro –, however, the sowing had been good and we are now reaping the results thanks to the work of Ernestina and all the coaches. We are very happy, too bad for the second game. We hope to continue like this “.

Next appointment on Wednesday when, guests of the Via Passo Buole facility in Turin, the Loggesi will face the Reale Mutua Avigliana Rebels in the always heartfelt Turin derby. First match at 17, the second half an hour after the end of the first.

SACCO LEGNANO – LA LOGGIA SOFTBALL 6-9 (5-0; 0-0; 0-1; 1-6; 0-2; 0-0; 0-)

Sacco Legnano: Colenghi (cf), Grazzi (3b), Gosselin (lf, cf, ss), Monti (ss, p, lf), Minari (1b), Soffiantini (ph), Bancora (c), Fazio (cf, ss, cf ), Bramati (dp, 2b), Rocca (lf), Bauli (p), Fracassi (p), Andorno (p). Manager: Hector Tomas Fernandez Rodriguez. Coach: Orlando Infante Zamora.

Softball La Loggia: Corazza (rf), An. Agrò (dp), Salerno (lf), Griffa (cf), Ar. Agrò (c), Deri (3b), Ragucci (ph), Verduci (2b), Sprocati (p), Maresca (p), Paiola (ph, p), Gennero (ss), Necco (1b). Manager: Ernestina Bellotti. Coach: Giulia Villirillo.

Referees: Maiuolo, Pernice and Nucibella.

Note. Valid: 6 (S), 7 (L). Mistakes: 2 (S), 0 (L).

SERIES A2 – Group A

Other results 3rd and 4th day: Pol. Supramonte – Dalmine Logistic Crocetta 4-2, 3-2; Reale Mutua Avigliana Rebels – New Panthers Lucca 1-4, 8-9. Rested: Bulls Rescaldina.

Ranking: Softball la Loggia (1 played, 1 won, 0 lost) 1000; Pol. Supramonte (4, 3, 1) 750; Sacco Legnano (3, 2, 1) 667; Bulls Rescaldina (2, 1, 1), Dalmine Logistic Crocetta (4, 2, 2) and Nuove Pantere Lucca (4, 2, 2) 500; Reale Mutua Avigliana Rebels (4, 0, 4) 0.

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