“Where is the 10?”: The question that Carlos Bilardo asked Miguel Ángel Lemme about Diego Maradona

Carlos Bilardo’s question to Miguel Ángel Lemme about Diego Maradona

The photo that appeared of Carlos Salvador Bilardo next to Michelangelo Lemme made all the Argentine soccer fans happy who are fond of the historic world champion coach in Mexico 1986. The image of the smile and the handshake with one of the footballers who led in Students of La Plata in 1982 he transmitted tranquility and it produced happiness in those who saw it.

In this regard, the current DT revealed intimacies of his passage through the house of the Narigón and could not avoid the question related to the death of Diego Armando Maradona. “How difficult it must be not to tell him about Tata, about Diego. No? ”, Launched the journalist. “Okay, I think what the family did is okay. Because nothing can be solved and you can compromise his life. I think that’s it, nobody can solve anything “, Lemme answered bluntly in conversation with Super Deportivo Radio.

Intrigued by the subject, the interviewer asked again about the subject: “And you never asked something about Tata, Diego at this time?” Miguel Ángel remembered and remembered once that Bilardo asked him about Maradona’s whereabouts. “Once alone he asked me why the other day he had a flash like that and I told him ‘he must be there, I don’t know where the madman is, I don’t know, I don’t know’explained the 68-year-old coach.

The photo of Bilardo and Lemme that made all Argentine football happy (Twitter: @GrassoWalter)

Next, Lemme revealed more details of the questions that Carlos asked him: “‘Where is the 10?’ The madman knows where he is, where the hell this boy is going. Every time something like this appears, the boys change what he is looking at, they don’t want him to see ”. In addition to the case of Fluff, Bilardo also does not know about the deaths of Jose Luis Brown, Alejandro Sabella Y Oscar Malbernat.

On the other hand, Lemme told funny moments that happen when he goes to visit him. “When I go we play dominoes, I carry it, I turn it around the armchairs, and it says: And this one, who beat him! Besides, he cheats you because you neglect yourself for a little while, he looks at your chips and if he doesn’t have the winner, he leaves it and takes another “, said Miguel Ángel with a laugh.

As always, Bilardo will never let go of the winning habit that took him to the top. “I tell him ‘Carlos, you’re cheating on me! ‘ and he tells me: ‘I didn’t do anything, heh’. He is a phenomenon, he does not lose his mischief and tricks, “concluded the former Estudiantes de La Plata soccer player.

In 2017, Bilardo was diagnosed with a degenerative disease known as syndrome of Hakim-Adams. Nowadays, he lives quietly in the comfort of his home and Lemme said that he visits him daily until he feels sleepy. What’s more, got vaccinated against coronavirus earlier this year and as a doctor he waits patiently for his second dose.



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