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Where does Eden Hazard’s future lie? “With Real, because it costs too much” | Primera División

by archysport

Why should Eden Hazard immediately leave Real Madrid? Suppose he finishes a solid to good European Championship with Belgium, then he can certainly be an added value in the new Real (which is on the way). Then there is no reason to sell it.

If Hazard also disappoints with the Red Devils, Real does have a problem. How much should it cost? 50 million? 60 million?

To that transfer fee is also a wage that is unattainable for many clubs. And that for someone who has not or hardly played football for 2 years and has played a bad European Championship. I think he will just stay with Real.

The European Championship will be a good measure of value. For himself and for Real. Do not forget: last year Real Madrid won the Spanish title without Hazard.

This season, the Royal finished 2nd in La Liga and made it to the semi-finals of the Champions League. Even without Hazard. They are not trophies, but Real was close 2 times.

In terms of results, it is not a dramatic season. So, despite the limited input, Hazard will still have too much costs to have him move to another club.

On the other hand, what will be the alternative to Hazard? And with what money? Suppose you receive 60 million euros for his transfer, who can get Real for that amount, someone who immediately adds value? I’m curious.

Additional question: who will be the new trainer at Real? And what plans does he have for Hazard? The oft-mentioned Antonio Conte would not be the best choice for our fellow countryman, but they have already won a title together.

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Real Madrid stands for a new era: renewed stadium, new trainer, new system and a (significantly) changed team.

Does this also mean the new start of Eden Hazard? I think he will soon start preparing more sharply and more concentrated.

This was recently confirmed by Thibaut Courtois. That he works more for it, that he wants to succeed more than ever.

Maybe the European Championship is the ideal preparation. Let’s hope he stays injury-free and can gain confidence with the national team to shine at Real later.

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