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When and where to watch the Indy 500 race on Sunday? – F1sport.cz

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The Indy 500 is usually ridden on the same weekend as the Monaco race. But this is not the case this year. The famous oval race starts this Sunday.

The start should take place on Sunday at 18:45 our time, but the transfer from Indianapolis will begin as early as 5 p.m. We recommend playing it sooner, because the Indy 500 is not only a race on the edge and close to barriers, but it is also a good portion of traditions and rituals from traditional songs, through the American anthem, the priest’s blessing to famous words about starting engines.

A few years ago, it broadcast IndyCar Nova Sport races. Currently American formulas none of the Czech televisions broadcasts. Although Eurosport offers broadcasts, this unfortunately does not apply to the Czech version.

However, motorsport fans don’t have to be sad or look for unstable illegal broadcasts. It is legally and well possible to monitor the race through the DAZN service.

The service mainly offers boxing, but from this year also IndyCar. There is not only a transfer from the Indy 500 but the whole season. You can watch streams through the web app, but you can also download the app.

DAZN should be available for Android, iOS, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, as well as LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony TVs. XBox and PlayStation consoles can also be used. The comment is of course in English.

The good news is the price. In the Czech Republic, DAZN is available for an introductory price of CZK 39 per month.

Many former F1 and McLaren drivers at the start

Romain Grosjean does not race on the ovals. He was replaced in the Indy 500 by Pietro Fittipaldi. But you can cheer for Ericsson (starts from the third row) or McLaren. In addition to the two regular riders, the two-time Indy 500 winner Juan Pablo Montoya also competes for the team.

The complete starting grid of the 105th Indy 500 can be found on this page.

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