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Werner explains how “his confidence is gone”

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Zapping Our Mondial Ligue 1: the ranking of scorers for the 2020-2021 season

Timo Werner returned to a press conference on the difficulties encountered since he moved to Chelsea. The striker scored 12 goals in all competitions and distinguished himself by several “failures” which contributed to damage his reputation. The German international returned to the Telegraph on his difficulties: “” I had these two or three games after the international break where I missed a lot of chances and it was in my head, and after that my confidence is gone. It was like a time in my head I was going crazy because I was missing these opportunities. Sometimes when you come to a new club you know everyone has high expectations for you and they want you to score the goals for the club. So maybe it was too much in my head, that I have to score every game, or be the man who scores all the goals ”. We hope for the Blues that the striker will find the solution tomorrow, in the final of the Champions League.

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