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Well the Astarco athletes in the weekend races, the expectation is growing for the events organized by the Asti company

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The intense archery activity of the Astarco Archers began with this weekend of competitions.

The Regional Summer Phase of the Pinocchio Trophy “Memorial Odilia Coccato” 2021 took place on Saturday 29 May afternoon, at the Alpignano Archers’ field in Alpignano (TO). An event certainly very much felt for Piedmont, especially in this first edition ( in fact, due to the pandemic, it was not possible to dispute last year) in memory of the Regional President, who gave so much especially to the youth movement, and died prematurely and too soon.
Regulation revised precisely to meet the Federal needs and protocols: no winter phase and regional teams made up of 8 young archers (and not 12), of slightly different vintages. Changes that we hope are only transitory for this 2021.
On the other hand, the competition formula remains unchanged, namely the classic 48 arrows shot at the required distances based on the age groups. For the 2021 edition, the vintages 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 (male and female) could participate.

38 archers competing, coming from 14 regional clubs.
Excellent result for Astarco by Leonardo Arossa who is third on the podium with 422 points, in the M2 Olympic Arch Category. In the same category, Alessandro Rizzo’s debut is more than promising. The new signing Astarco, in fact, ranks sixth out of ten archers in the same category. To give credit to the potential of the young archer is not only the fact that it is his first important competition (in truth it is his first ever) but above all that his 273 points have won them with a school bow and with an archery course. just finished. The merit of both results of the young Astarco archers (in the photo) goes, perhaps, also to the ability of their Astarco technicians.

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astarco 29/30 May 2021

On Sunday 30th the Astarco Archers occupy two different firing lines: Campaign Shooting for Andrea Pescatori and Interregionale for Francesca Vassarotti and Massimo Moscatiello.
In the FITARCO Piemonte Regional Shooting Championship, organized by the ASD Compagnia Arcieri Volpiano, Andrea Pescatori shows off his skills as an Arconudist and in the Campofelice Park of Lombardone (TO) he wins the fourth place in the Male Naked Arch Master Category.

In Alessandria, at the ASD Arcieri della Paglia competition field, the Interregionale 70/60 mt Round- 50mt Round 72 Frecce took place in which Francesca Vassarotti and Massimo Moscatiello took part.
In the Junior Female Olympic Arch Category, Francesca Vassarotti is on the second step of the podium with 559 points, while Massimo Moscatiello, in the Senior Male Olympic Arch Category, is fourth with 513 points.

astarco 29/30 May 2021
astarco 29/30 May 2021

Finally, the next two race weekends will be all from Asti and all from Astarco.
It will start on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6, at the Asti Rugby match field, Lungo Tanaro, where Astarco, supported by the Piedmont FITARCO Committee, will host the Regional Targa Championships. On the shooting line it will also be possible to witness the archery feats of Francesca Vassarotti and Massimo Moscatiello.
But it will be from Friday 11th June until Sunday 13th that Astarco will give its best, bringing to Asti, the first time in the history of Asti archery, the “Italian Regions Cup”. Over 400 archers competing, belonging to both the youth, senior and master classes, excellence from all regions of Italy.

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