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Wanderers to victory with a nine-run inning

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The Vienna Wanderers celebrated a clear 17: 7 victory over Wr. Neustadt Diving Ducks.

After a break of almost two weeks, during which the national baseball team held a training camp, the game between the Vienna Wanderers and the Wr. Neustadt Diving Ducks a packed weekend in the baseball Bundesliga with a total of eight games. In the second inning, the hosts pulled away to 5-0.

In the fourth inning, the Diving Ducks also managed five runs, but a 9-point rally in the fifth section made things clear in favor of the Viennese. In the end, the Wanderers were able to confidently win the game after seven innings with Mercy-Rule 17: 7 and thus also won the eighth home game of the season – with the winners Dan Kawanishi booked four runs.

First Ducks bankruptcy after five wins en suite

After losing the double header against the Metrostars in mid-May, the Viennese returned to Siegerstrasse and defended third place in the East Division. For the Diving Ducks it was the first defeat after their last five wins. The teams will face each other again on Saturday – but this time in Wiener Neustadt, where the Lower Austrians won the first duel of the season 10-5.

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