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Voices on the cup defeat of the Eintracht Frankfurt women | hessenschau.de

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Hanging heads after the narrow 0: 1 defeat in the cup final at the Eintracht Frankfurt women.

In the end, the favorite from Wolfsburg was able to fight against Eintracht Frankfurt women in a hot cup fight. Afterwards there was a mixture of tears and pride among the Hessians. The voices for the game.



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Eintracht goalkeeper Frohms
Eintracht goalkeeper Frohms

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The Eintracht Frankfurt women lost to VfL Wolfsburg 0-1 in the DFB Cup final on Sunday in Cologne. Only in extra time did Ewa Pajor (118th minute) score the hit of the day while being outnumbered.

Merle Frohms: It’s a mixture of disappointment and sheer pride. That was our best game of the season. We fought so much here and knocked everything in that got in our way. That was a great achievement. As an underdog, we were about to create a surprise.

Laura Feiersinger: A few of the girls are pretty upset, that was a bitter end to the game. We fought really well and did a great job. Our trainer also said that the sport can be so bitter at times. We threw in so much and we weren’t rewarded for it.

Svenja Huth (VfL Wolfsburg): Cup finals are not without tension for us. I feel pure joy now, but also a little emptiness. We had a lot more possession and created good chances. But we didn’t use it and so it will stay exciting until the end. It was an absolute act of will, we are the deserved winner.

Almuth Schult (VfL Wolfsburg): That was the first red card in my career. It was a stupid situation, I play the ball minimally. So it is a can-do situation. If you see that as an emergency brake, then it’s red. It’s very emotional when you harm the team like that. And that’s why I’m very relieved and proud of the team.

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