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VIDEO AND PHOTO⟩ Latvian 3×3 basketball players win a ticket to the Tokyo Olympics – Basketball

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In the fight for the third place in the tournament, Latvia beat France with the result 21:15.

Barley was recognized as the most valuable player in the qualifying tournament.

At the beginning of the game, the result on the scoreboard was 0: 0 for a long time, but the first points were scored by the Latvians, Lasmanis taking two free throws. The French quickly regained the point, but Lasmanis responded with a three-point move – 5: 1.

Continuing the fight, Krūmiņš reached 8: 3 after a throw from the bottom and a “penalty”. Next, the French played a bit, but after Krūmiņš’s long-range team, they scored six points (12: 6). In the middle of the match, the Latvians had only a plus three points, but they did not miss the reins, adding points to the fight – 21:15.

Lasmanis and Krūmiņš scored eight points in the Latvian national team, Miezis had four points and Čavaram one.

Before that, in the quarterfinals, the Latvians beat Lithuania with a result of 21:19, but in the semifinals with 18:20 they acknowledged the superiority of Poland. France defeated Brazil in the quarterfinals with 21:19 and lost to the Netherlands in the semi-finals with 13:21.

Chavars (2: 0) started the game against Poland with an accurate long shot, but then the Latvians twice lost the two-point advantage. The result was 5: 5 for a long time until Krūmiņš reached 6: 5 from the bottom of the basket.

The Poles evened out the result again, but then Miezis took a long shot and Lasmanis reached 9: 6. There were also Poles exactly behind the perimeter, but then there were two long shots performed by Latvians – 13: 8.

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Less than three and a half minutes before the end of the match, the Poles did not take the opportunity to reach a draw, with Latvia retaining minimal leadership (14:13). Later, Chavar’s exact “penalty” gave a two-point lead, but this time too, the opponents played. At the start of the last minute of the match, the result was 18:18. Poland scored two non-response points and won.

In the Latvian national team with six points, Chavars was the most productive, but the other trio scored four points each.

In turn, the start of the quarter-final game was more successful for the Lithuanians, who gained the lead with 10: 6. Nauris Miezis then regained one point and Kārlis Lasmanis added a three-point move, reaching 10:10. Edgars Krūmiņš’s difficult throw gave the lead, but the Lithuanians responded with an accurate long throw – 12:11. Lasmanis was also accurate from afar, but later Agnis Chavars’ throw from the bottom of the basket gave the lead with 14:13. In the next course of the fight, the Latvian quartet did not let go of the reins and celebrated the victory with 21:19.

Lasmanis was the most productive in the Latvian national team with ten points, Miezis and Krūmiņš scored four, but Čavaram had three points.

The Latvian national team had a successful group tournament, beating the Austrian home team on 21:14 on Thursday and the Netherlands on 21:17, but on Saturday, 21:18 defeated Croatia and 21:16 – Canada, taking first place in the group.

The tournament took place in two stages. First, the competition was held in four groups, each of the two best teams qualifying for the playoffs.

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Another opportunity to attend the Tokyo Olympics will be in the tournament from June 4 to 6 in the Hungarian city of Debrecen, where national teams from six countries will play.

The place in the Olympic tournament is already guaranteed for the three countries that occupy the highest places in the FIBA ​​ranking table, taking into account the sum of the individual ranking points of the 50 best players of each country – Serbia, Russia and China, as well as the host country Japan.

Latvian national team players have joined forces in the team “Riga” during the season. This season, the unit collected game practice on the World Tour, as well as in the United European League tournament. So far, the only stage of the World Tour has failed to win the semi-finals, but the first stage of the United European League has won. In the next three stages, “Riga” stopped in the semi-finals.


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