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VIDEO⟩ “Nets” and “Knicks” step away from the second round; NBA champion “Lakers” gives way to “Dog” – Basketball

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The Nets defeated the Boston Celtics with 141: 126 (33:34, 40:26, 39:31, 29:35) and reached 3-1 in the series with up to four victories.

Kevin Durent forged the victory with 42 points and five assists, 39 points and 11 rebounds for Cairo Irving, while James Harden stood out with 23 points, five rebounds and 18 assists.

The three “Nets” leaders on Sunday repeated the record of the playoffs among three players of the same team – 104 points. Durent and Irving also became the first basketball players in the history of the league, each of whom managed to score at least 35 points, while at the same time taking shots from the game or penalty shots with impeccable accuracy.

Both basketball players realized all 11 “penalties” on Sunday.

The Boston team had 40 points, seven balls under the baskets and five assists for Jason Teitt, but added 16 points each for Evans Fourier and Marcus Smart, who also had six balls under the baskets and nine assists.

The victory of the Brooklyn team was overshadowed by another event in the stands. Namely, when the former Celtics leader Irving went to the locker room, a fan from the stands threw a bottle in his direction. Irving later did not shy away from using the slogan “people’s zoo” at a press conference.

“We can see this kind of behavior from fans in the entertainment industry for years. I believe that racism is also hidden beneath this … Fans here sometimes behave like people in a zoo,” Irving did not hide his resentment.

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Last week, Russell Westbrook, a Washington Wizards, was very angry about fan permissiveness. The basketball player sprained his ankle and, with the help of the staff, went to the locker room when popcorn was suddenly poured on his head.

In the second Eastern Conference game, the Atlanta Hawks at home with 113: 96 (25:26, 28:23, 35:22, 25:25) won the New York Knicks, who in the series are driven by 1-3.

Three Young won 27 points for the winners and scored nine times, 22 points and eight balls under the baskets for John Collins, and 21 points for Danilo Galināri. The New York team scored 23 points, ten rebounds and seven assists for Julius Rendlam, while Rovan Alexander Barrett scored 21 points and six rebounds.

Meanwhile, at the Western Conference, the champion of the Los Angeles “Lakers” gave up the Phoenix “Dog” with 92: 100 (24:23, 26:31, 15:27, 27:19) on their field, which reached the level 2-2 in the series.

Experienced Chris Paul had 18 points and nine assists, 17 points, seven balls under the baskets and five assists for Devin Bucker, but also Joa Krauder, who also had seven rebounds. In the Los Angeles unit, 25 points, 12 balls under the baskets and six assists for Lebron James, but 12 points and eight rebounds for Mark Gasol.

It has already been reported that Latvian basketball player Kristaps Porziņģis scored 18 points in the fourth game of the Western NBA playoffs quarter-finals on Sunday, but that did not save his team from the Dallas Mavericks.

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The Mavericks gave up the Los Angeles Clippers at 81:106 (22:31, 23:30, 15:21, 21:24) to draw 2-2 to four wins in the series.

Porziņģis played 27 minutes and 39 seconds, during which he scored 18 points and won five rebounds. He scored seven of the ten two-point shots in the basket, both “threes” were inaccurate, but managed to realize four of the five “penalties”. He also blocked one shot, earned two personal notes, but the “Mavericks” with Liepaja lost 21 points more than threw, which was the second worst score in the team.

Seven minutes before the end of the regular time, Porziņģis earned his last two points with free throws, but two and a half minutes later he was replaced and did not return to the field.

The fifth game between the two teams is scheduled for Wednesday.

The teams also met in the first round of last season’s play-off, with the Clippers celebrating a 4-2 victory in the series.

The Mavericks took fifth place in the Western Conference in the regular championship, while the Clippers were fourth. The Dalasians won five less in the main event than their opponents.

In the NBA Main Event, the teams played 72 games this season, which is ten less than usual.


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