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VIDEO⟩ NBA “play-off”: “Lakers” and “Nuggets” take the lead, “Bucks” continues to dominate – Basketball

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The NBA champion “Lakers” beat the Phoenix “Dog” on their field 109: 95 on Thursday and took a 2-1 lead in the series to four victories.

As the winner, Anthony Davis scored 34 points and scored 11 rebounds, Lebron James scored 21 points, gave nine assists and made seven mistakes. Another 20 points were added by German Dennis Schroeder.

Davis scored 18 of his 34 points in the third quarter and helped the Lakers score 17 points.

The Los Angeles team played well in the bottom of the basket in this match, scoring 20 points more than their opponents from the penalty area – 58:38.

In the “Dog” team, Denadre Eiton scored 22 points and collected 11 balls in the baskets, 19 points were scored by Devin Bucker, and Cameron Paine scored 15 points. Bucker and Payin also have six assists each.

Phoenix team leader Chris Paul scored seven points and scored six assists in 27 minutes. In the fourth quarter, he spent only two and a half minutes on the court, although “Dog” head coach Montiy Williams claimed that the match manager had recovered from a shoulder injury.

In another game, the Nuggets defeated Portland’s Trail Blazers 120-115 and took a 2-1 lead in the series.

The winners were Nikola Jokičs from Serbia, who scored 36 points and 11 rebounds, 21 points were added by Austin Rivers, 15 were scored by Michael Porters Jr., and 13 points were scored by Aaron Gordon.

The Nuggets were also played by NBA debutant Fakundo Kampaco, a 30-year-old Argentine, who scored 11 points, scored eight assists and won eight rebounds.

In Trail Blazers, Damien Lillard scored 37 points, Sejj McCollum scored 22 points, 18 added Norman Powell, 17 points to Carmelo Anthony, and Bosnian Yusuf Hurkitch scored 13 points, 13 rebounds and six assists.

In the middle of the fourth quarter there was a draw 91:91. Riverss became the protagonist of the match, hitting four long shots in a row, forging a victory for the Nuggets.

Both teams attacked the basket from a long distance, but it did better for Denver basketball players – they hit 20 out of 38 shots (52.6%), while Portland players scored 14 out of 45 thirds (31.1%).

The Bucks, on the other hand, continue to play convincingly, beating the Miami Heat with 113:84 away and gaining a 3-0 lead in the series.

In the “Bucks” series, the second victory in a row was won with a devastating advantage – this time +29, in the previous game +34.

In favor of the winners, Chris Middleton scored 22 points, Greek Janis Adetokunbo added 17 points and 17 rebounds, and George Holide scored 19 points and 12 assists.

The Washington Wizards, represented by Dave Bertan, are 0-2 in the Philadelphia 76ers.

In turn, Kristaps Porziņģis with the Dallas “Mavericks” is in a 2-0 lead in the series against the Los Angeles “Clippers”.

The Mavericks will play their next game on Saturday night. 4.00 Latvian time, but “Wizards” will play at night on Sunday at 2.00.


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