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UEFA is considering ‘Final Four’ in the CL and scrapping away goal rule | Football

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“I am in favor. It can provide extra income and it also increases tension, ”said the Slovenian in the French sports newspaper The team.

UEFA did make some changes to the format last month. The Champions League expands from 32 to 36 clubs and the current group system with groups of four disappears. Instead, participants in the first phase will play ten duels, four more than now, resulting in extra income.

‘Final 8 fun’

However, the knockout phase from the eighth finals remains intact and Ceferin wants to change that too. The Final Four could be introduced from 2024. “We are discussing it, but it has not been decided. We liked the ‘Final 8’ in Portugal last year, ”Ceferin referred to the final stages of last year’s Champions League, when the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final were completed in Lisbon due to the corona pandemic. “But a ‘Final 8’ takes more than two weeks and that is too much.”

The Nations League, where the Orange came far in 2019, is also already working with a Final Four. The Netherlands then played the semi-final against England and a few days later took on Portugal, which had won the other semi-final against Switzerland.

Away goals

A UEFA committee has since recommended scrapping rules about goals scored in away games, the German news agency DPA writes, based on well-established sources. The UEFA executive committee must ultimately make a decision.

The away goals rule was introduced in 1965 and is currently still in effect in the Champions League and Europa League. It is also used in international football. If both teams have scored the same number of goals in a knockout confrontation, the away goals scored are decisive.

UEFA believes it is now much easier to score away goals than in the past when the rule was introduced. Modern stadiums, even with fans, are less intimidating and the way of playing has also changed considerably, according to the European Football Association.

The matches without an audience and on neutral ground during the corona crisis would have helped the UEFA committee in their recommendation.

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