Tops / flops Toulouse-Clermont: the intractable Stadistes, the Jaunards under pressure – Top 14

Toulousains intractable and on their way to the semi-finals but also Jaunards who can blame themselves and under pressure in the race to the dams … Discover the tops and flops of the meeting between Toulouse and Clermont (36-27), match count for the 25th day of Top 14.


Toulouse on the way to the running backs

Set off to go straight to the semi-final of the championship, Stade Toulousain did not miss the opportunity to get a little closer to the last four of the final stages. Facing Clermont, the neo-European champions spoke about their experience to go for a success that will count at the end of the season.

Uncompromising Stadists

As against Stade Rochelais in the Champions Cup final last weekend (22-17), Stade Toulousain showed efficiency to get their sixteenth victory of the season. Because the men of Ugo Mola have fed on adverse errors to build their success, full of realism and opportunism. Evidenced by these four penalties entered in the second act by an ultra precise Ramos.

Ahki hyperactif

At the heart of Toulouse’s victory, Pita Ahki delivered a high quality performance. Very present in defense where he has never balked to put the arms of the regroupings, he also distinguished himself as usual in the heart of the Toulouse attack. He made his whole class speak on the try of Antoine Dupont (27th), where he gets rid of three defenders, opens a breach and offers the ball to his scrum half. Sharp.


Clermont can blame himself …

Author of a rather serious match overall, Clermont seemed on course to offer his supporters a surprise victory for Ernest-Wallon. A thunderous start, marked by two tries and a start of the second period at the same pace, symbolized by the try of Yato (44th). But Clermont missed the boat, multiplying faults and forwards. And ASM paid for its lack of consistency and the points left behind by Nanai-Williams at the start of the match. A 0 point defeat that will certainly leave Sébastien Bézy’s teammates with regret.

… and puts himself under pressure

As a direct consequence of this Clermont defeat, the play-off race will be more lively than ever next week during the last day of the Top 14. Fifth, ASM has only a small point more than Toulon and Stade Français ( 6th and 7th, 66pts). A delicate end of the season therefore awaits the Jaunards, who will host Stade Rochelais next weekend at the Michelin. A last delicate day, where Clermont will not have the right to make mistakes.

Concern for Iturria

If Cheslin Kolbe has long sowed doubt by leaving the entrance (8th), before returning to the hour mark, it is finally Arthur Iturria who will sow concern among the supporters. The third line and ASM captain left his partners to fend for themselves at the end of the game, limping out. An injury that comes on top of that of Sébastien Vahaamahina, whose season is already over. Bad sign in the home stretch of the championship.




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