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TOP8 LaLigaSports: The time of the last round

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After the vibrant first leg match, the Polideportivo Insular Blancadona hosts this Saturday the closing of the 2020-21 season of TOP8 La LigaSports with the most anticipated match of the year, the one that will decide the champion of the competition. It should be remembered that Oviedo arrives in Ibiza with the condition of undefeated team and with the 4-3 in favor that they achieved in the first leg.

Those of César González have not given respite to any of their rivals and have been undefeated in each of the games played, as well as in the semifinals and in the first leg of the final. The team seems to be more solid than ever and arrives in Ibiza with the challenge of winning a new title, after the one won in 2015.

Uriel Francisco Canjura, Badminton Oviedo player, declares: “I think the confidence we have as a team has made us get to this point. It is a very tough match, although in the team we really want to compete this weekend, we are more eager than ever and we want to show it.

“The moment of truth has come, it is the moment that every athlete looks for, to play a final. Now we have to take advantage of the opportunity, enjoy it, continue doing what we have done throughout the season, being a team and not giving a flyer for lost ”, shares César González, Technical Director of the CBO, in relation to the La Liga Sports final. “The Oviedo Badminton Club this weekend is full of excitement with the final of the Division of Honor and the Spanish Championships. There is no greater satisfaction than watching players, from the youngest to the oldest, enjoy themselves on the slopes. I am very proud of the effort and perseverance put forth by the members of the club, ”adds González.

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On the other hand, Pitiús is facing a historic opportunity to win the title of champion for the first time, hence the enormous motivation of players and coaches for the event. It should be noted that for the first time there may be some public in the pavilion, always following the restrictions and protocols defined by the authorities. The presence of some stalwarts will add color to a clash that is tremendously matched.

Ernesto García acknowledges that it is “a historic weekend for Pitiús. The club will have to fight with all its might to turn around a difficult score, but not impossible. Oviedo starts with better options for the title but the home court factor It is important for our players to give their maximum level.

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