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Top 10 Head Coaches in the NFL – Season 2021

by archysport

We are entering the offseason fully, the perfect time to begin the discussion towards the next season with rankings of players, teams, positions … in short, everything imaginable to warm up our engines and make the wait until Kickoff day less long. We come to the end of this series with our count of the top 10 head coaches in the NFL heading into the 2021 season.

The mechanics for these rankings consisted of asking our staff members to give us their list of the 10 best head coaches in the NFL for the 2021 Season, taking into account aspects such as their short-term success, the possibilities of doing your contending team or make a difference, and ultimately:

If you were running an NFL franchise, who would you prefer as your head coach right now?

Only head coaches with at least one season of experience were eligible, so new hires were left out of the ranking. Each mention in the first place is worth 10 points, in the second 9, in the third 8 and so on until the tenth that is worth 1 point. The tiebreaker criterion was the highest number of mentions in high positions.

Once the votes are tallied, these are the top 10 head coaches in the NFL heading into the 2021 season:

Outside the Top 10 but with votes:

  • Kevin Stefanski – Cleveland Browns (1 punto)
  • Mike Tomlin – Pittsburgh Steelers (4 puntos)
  • Brian Flores – Miami Dolphins (4 puntos)
  • Ron Rivera – Washington Football Team (11 puntos)
  • Kyle Shanahan – San Francisco 49ers (11 points)

10. Sean McDermott – Buffalo Bills (14 points)

Give full credit to what McDermott has built with the Bills. He was brought in in 2017, and in four years he has three seasons with a positive record and the culture he planted in the team is one of winning character: 38 wins, 26 losses, 5 postseason games and a trip to the American Conference Championship Game. . If we consider that McDermott arrived in 2017 and after the Draft of that year the general manager of Buffalo was fired, it is a true miracle that McDermott has managed to build and mold some Bills in need of triumphs.

9. Mike Vrabel – Tennessee Titans (18 puntos)

No one can deny that Vrabel is not a HC Top 10 in the league. Since taking over the reins of Tennessee in 2018 he has three winning seasons under his belt: 29 wins, 19 losses, and 2 Playoffs wins out of 4 possible attempts. However, heading into the 2021 season, he will have to emphasize his quality as head coach after losing both Dean Pee, defensive coordinator, and Arthur Smith, offensive coordinator from the coaching staff. In case, with these casualties, Vrabel manages to repeat a successful campaign with the Titans, we will have to consider him perhaps even higher on this list.

8. Matt LaFleur – Green Bay Packers (21 puntos)

LaFleur has been in command of the Green Bay Packers for two years and, if we look at the statistics, he has 26 wins and only 6 losses in that period (.813), in addition, in both years he has put the Packers into the NFC Championship Game . However, being the head coach of one of the strongest teams in the NFL should mean taking them to the Super Bowl, so he has yet to take the next step to consider LaFleur among the best. In a supposed world without Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, where would LaFleur manage to lead this team?

7. Sean Payton – New Orleans Saints (26 puntos)

With Payton we find a veteran NFL head coach: 17 playoff games played, 9 wins, a Super Bowl ring, 143 regular season wins and just 81 losses. If we put the above in a balance there would be no doubt that Payton is one of the best HCs in the league, however, the California native was lucky to have had Drew Brees as a quarterback for his entire career, and let’s face it, that was a big plus. In his first full season as head coach without Brees, we’ll see the true value Payton has as the leader of the Saints.

6. Sean McVay – Los Angeles Rams (37 points)

In 2017, at just 30 years of age, Sean McVay became the youngest head coach in the history of the NFL, however, because of how he has managed to transform the Rams, it seems that he has been a head coach for a lifetime. the league. In four years in command of Los Angeles he has 43 wins, 21 losses and already played a Super Bowl in 2018, in addition he achieved the above with Jared Goff in command of the offense, and now, with Matthew Stafford as a new member, McVay has everything to seek an NFL title for years to come.

Sean McVay, head coach de Los Angeles Rams.

5. Pete Carroll – Seattle Seahawks (42 puntos)

Carroll is one of the oldest head coaches in the NFL at the moment and together with Russell Wilson has formed one of the most respected teams in recent years. Since Wilson’s arrival in 2012, Carroll has a 98-45 record in addition to a Vince Lombardi. However, it seems that in recent years he has failed to exploit the potential of Wilson and his offense to 100%, so something will have to change internally for Seattle to be able to return to where it belongs: the top of the league.

4. Bill Belichick – New England Patriots (54 puntos)

A bad season does not define you as HC. Obviously in New England, after Brady’s departure, there was going to be a transition to stabilize the team again, however, six Super Bowl rings are not a coincidence, and they are not won just for having the best quarterback in history of the NFL within your ranks, they are won with great team management and exploiting the weaknesses found in the rival, something that Belichick has always achieved and that is why he continues to be one of the elite of head coaches within the league.

3. Bruce Arians – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (59 puntos)

Many will say that the champion Buccaneers were the effect of bringing Tom Brady to the team, however credit is to be given to this team’s head coach. From 2019 to 2020 he knew how to bring the correct pieces to go from a 7-9 record to an 11-5 record and win Super Bowl LV. Arians has 4 seasons of 10+ wins and that is not a mere coincidence, however, the interesting thing will be to see what will become of him when Brady decides to retire, and see where he will be able to take Tampa Bay in that situation.

Bruce Arians Buccaneers
Bruce Arians, head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, receiving the Vince Lombardi trophy after Super Bowl LV

2. John Harbaugh – Baltimore Ravens (59 puntos)

Harbaugh is the clear example of the meaning of constancy. Since he became head coach of the Ravens in 2008 he has a record of 129 wins and only 79 losses, furthermore, it is more surprising knowing that the leader of his offense was Joe Flacco for more than 10 years, however, now that he has To Lamar Jackson at quarterback, the Ravens have been 25-7 in the last two years, and considering they are in a very hard-fought division, it’s just amazing. Harbaugh has already managed to win a Super Bowl ring, and it would come as no surprise to anyone if he managed to win another one in the near future.

1. Andy Reid – Kansas City Chiefs (77 puntos)

You could say it’s easy to be the best head coach in the league when you have Patrick Mahomes at your quarterback, yet Reid’s talent goes way beyond that. Reid has had at least 10 victories in each of his last six seasons, apart from having 15 of those throughout his entire career, which began in 1999. We can clearly see that Reid is one of the HCs with the longest running time. the league and in the 2000s his talent was unquestionable, but in an NFL that little by little becomes much more offensive, Reid has been one of the most benefited because his call for plays is one of the best that currently exists.

These were our Top-10 NFL head coaches in 2020 Y 2019.

You can see each vote of our staff in the following tables:

Pos. Oscar Aguileta Miguel Angel These Ulises Harada Alejandro Martinez
1 Andy Reid Bruce Arians Bruce Arians Bruce Arians
2 John Harbaugh Andy Reid Andy Reid Andy Reid
3 Bill Belichick John Harbaugh Sean McVay John Harbaugh
4 Sean Payton Ron Rivera Pete Carroll Sean McVay
5 Mike Vrabel Bill Belichick John Harbaugh Pete Carroll
6 Sean McDermott Sean McVay Kyle Shanahan Mike Vrabel
7 Sean McVay Pete Carroll Bill Belichick Sean Payton
8 Kyle Shanahan Matt LaFleur Mike Vrabel Bill Belichick
9 Bruce Arians Brian Flores Sean Payton Brian Flores
10 Mike Tomlin Kevin Stefanski Matt LaFleur Matt LaFleur
Pos. Carlos Mercado Luis Ivan Nunez Luis Obregon Jorge Tinajero
1 Andy Reid Andy Reid Andy Reid Andy Reid
2 John Harbaugh Bill Belichick Bruce Arians Bill Belichick
3 Pete Carroll John Harbaugh Bill Belichick Bruce Arians
4 Bill Belichick Sean Payton John Harbaugh Pete Carroll
5 Sean Payton Sean McVay Pete Carroll John Harbaugh
6 Bruce Arians Bruce Arians Matt LaFleur Matt LaFleur
7 Sean McVay Pete Carroll Sean McDermott Sean McDermott
8 Matt LaFleur Matt LaFleur Kyle Shanahan Mike Tomlin
9 Ron Rivera Mike Vrabel Ron Rivera Sean McVay
10 Mike Vrabel Sean McDermott Sean McVay Mike Vrabel

Do you agree with this ranking of the best head coaches in the NFL for the 2021 season? Participate in the discussion and contribute your own ranking under this post and on our social networks.

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