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Tiger Woods: “This is the most painful thing I have ever experienced”

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Tiger Woods has given his first interview since the car accident he suffered on February 23, and he has done so with the publication Golf Digest. The winner of 15 ‘major’, ensures that right now he is focused on his rehabilitation, focused more than anything on his right leg, and it doesn’t even answer the question of whether to play golf again.

El Tigre spoke bluntly about how his recovery process is unfolding: “This is something completely different. I understand quite a bit about the rehab processes due to my past injuries, but this is more painful than anything I have ever experienced. “, relat.

Essentially, the Californian golfer focuses on his right leg. In this I suffered comminuted open fractures in both the tibia and fibula. In mid-March, Woods was able to return home and still does not know if he will have to undergo surgery in the future.

The 2019 Masters winner was asked if he believes that to play golf again. After a silence, he replied: “My physical therapy has kept me busy. I do my routines every day and am focused on my number one goal right now: walking on my own.”


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