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Thomas Tuchel and the tactic he copied from Jorge Luis Pinto

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The famous line of 5 was vindicated with Jorge Luis Pinto in the Costa Rican National Team. In 2011, the year he arrived, he immediately began to tactically structure his team for the World Cup in Brazil. In one of his first matches he faced Spain in a friendly. Thomas Tuchel he analyzed his game module from a distance.

The Colombian DT recalled in AS Colombia the anecdote when the Chelsea coach, Champions League finalist, used the video of the friendly match to analyze the line of 5. The German has used it in Mainz 05, Borussia Dortmund and Chelsea.

Tuchel and the tactic of Jorge Luis Pinto

“I had a player in Mainz 05 and the coach was Tuchel, at that time I played with Costa Rica against Spain, a fucking great game, we are 2-2, but with 8 minutes and 26 seconds to go he beat him 2-0. The game happened and after a few months, Júnior Díaz, who was in Mainz called me and said: ‘We watched the Costa Rica – Spain match with Tuchel to analyze the line of 5 and know what it was like to put it into practice because we play Bayern Munich in Munich, “he said.

Pinto said he went to watch the game and that a change in tactics made Mainz more difficult. “I went to watch the game in Munich, the first half made the line of 5 and won 0-1 and in the second half he changed to four and lost 3-1. All this was before the 2014 World Cup (…) The line of 5 was a process, in England 5 or 6 teams do it. They do not have the tactical condition that we do. Tuchel did it in Dortmund as well and now he does it in Chelsea, “he said.

Favorite in the final and keys to the game

“I don’t know if the favorite is Manchester City because of their footballing style and everything, but I’m going for Chelsea, because of everything they are doing in the team, they are young. They are different styles, but they have an elaborate football based on game possession and a dynamic football with changes of rhythm, aggressive, that presses and attacks the 90s and that has security in the back with the tactical structure that it has with the line of 5 and in the midfield with 3 or 2 “.

Guardiola or Tuchel

“I look at the teams, their functionality and not so much the coaches. Guardiola has very important things and concepts, it seems to me that sometimes he is a bit slowThat pressure that 90 minutes ago is his great failure and that has led him to lose four finals, not because he does not attack but because he defends with difficulties. I see Chelsea more balanced. “

Crisis in Colombian football

“There are several factors. The first is payroll, there is not the breadth that years ago there was in Colombia in various teams. The great players from here go abroad and cannot be taken advantage of, we are not playing with the true generations of Colombian football There are also no teams with strong, well-made and developed tactical structures. There is no evidence. “

Reinaldo Rueda Process

Hopefully Reinaldo can build the team well, it is not easy, the task is complex, there is no base to come. There are new players and others who are not doing well. The centrals are not doing well, James has not had the luck to compete and this team does not have a tactical maturity that he is going to submit to the concepts that Reinaldo imposes, it is time for the players to give themselves 100 percent “

The future of Jorge Luis Pinto

“My future is football, I am developing the booklet for the book that I am going to release, I am working on it. In June there are some offers that we are going to look at. For now there is no desire.”

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