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“This franchise is a mess without a name”

by archysport

For some franchises like the Grizzlies, reconstructions go verys quickly … But for others it is more complicated! The proof, a team struggling for several years would not be able to come back up the slope. Some employes are even starting to sway in the media!

Not all teams have the chance to come across a trainer like Tom Thibodeau, capable of changing the face of a franchise in just a few months thanks to a strong identity and certainties in the game… For some, the reconstructions are much more long and perilous.

In Cleveland, for example, leaders are still trying to get their heads out of the water, years after the departure of LeBron James in Los Angeles. Yet there are ideas, and talent! Darius Garland and Collin Sexton form a promising duo, Jarrett Allen arrived at the start of the season via a trade… There is material!

So why are the Cavaliers not showing real progress? Maybe because things are not going well behind the scenes. According to an investigation by insider Sam Amico, formerly at The Athletic, everyone in the league agrees that Cleveland is completely disorganized!

A source on the team told our site that the franchise is currently in an unnamed brothel. I have also spoken to several other players in other teams and this is the feeling that comes out in all the testimonials.

Obviously when things are presented this way, we understand why most players would like to be traded… Even the employees of the Cavaliers realize and say that the franchise is upside down… Not a good omen with the approach of a new important offseason!

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Especially since the young players of the squad need to be framed to develop and progress… They will have great difficulty reaching their full potential in a franchise where they must navigate on sight! We will clearly have to find the captain who will be able to restore order to this adrift crew!

The Cavaliers haven’t been doing well since LeBron James left in 2018… And visibly, the franchise is not about to regain color.

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