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The Argentine champion and his wife, the Thai Phiangphathu, have been together for 21 years and have four children, whose growth they share from their social networks.

Guillermo Vilas (68) met the thai Phiangphathu Khumueang (38) 21 years ago. And against all odds, today they make up one of the strongest couples in the environment, after formalizing going through the civil registry in 2005 and having four children: Andanin, born in 2003 in Paris; Lalindao, in January 2010, in Miami; Intila, in December 2010, in Buenos Aires; and Guillermo, who was born in Monaco in April 2017.

Vilas with his wife and children in August 2020, when he turned 68 years old. Instagram photo.

Without a doubt, the family is the most important supporter of the former tennis champion, who suffers from advanced cognitive impairment of which little else is known. Living in Monte Carlo, where Vilas has resided for years, it is from there that both Phiang – as the former tennis player’s wife is known – and he himself share photos of family life and the growth of the boys.

Guillermo Junior is already 4 years old. Instagram photo.

In dialogue with La Nación, former tennis player José Luis “Batata” Clerc He referred some time ago to Guillermo’s health and he was very sorry for the health situation he is going through.

The champion with Guillermo Jr., who was born in 2017. Photo Instagram.

“It makes me very sad, very bitter. I cry, not in front of Guillermo, but I cry, because I see the children and it makes me angry. I always told Guillermo: ‘You are going to be a very good father’, because he loved boys He played a lot with mine and also with others. And I was not wrong, he is a great father “, Clerc was excited.

Vilas with her male child. Instagram photo.

All the boys are athletes, how could it be otherwise being children of the champion, who was the Argentine tennis player who achieved the most international achievements, along with Gabriela Sabatini.

The little one following in his dad’s footsteps. Instagram photo.

Vilas and his wife met in Thailand, while he was walking through Mahboonkrong Center, the most important shopping center in Bangkok.

The couple with one of their daughters, in December 2020. Photo Instagram.

By chance Phiang was walking there, in a white dress among so many girls in jeans, and she caught her attention. He fell in love instantly.

Intila and Ladinlao are 10 and 11 years old. Instagram photo.

Later in an interview he commented: “When we met, she did not know who he was. She thought he was a lumberjack and that he had many cows. Until she saw my shoes and there she realized that I was not a lumberjack.”

Phiang with the eldest of her children, the beautiful Andanin, who has already turned 18. Photo Instagram.

They were married on May 16, 2005 in the Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes parish, in the Belgrano neighborhood, after going through the civil registry and the Thai embassy in Buenos Aires.

You saw them with Andanin baby, in 2003. Photo Instagram.

Phiang often shares Vilas moments with her children on her Instagram account, especially when she plays tennis with them. Andanin is one of Vilas’ weaknesses: he plays tennis, competed in the Under 14 category and even made his debut in the central court of the Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club, in July 2014.

Heirs: Ladinlao and Intila also play tennis. Instagram photo.

In 2000, Vilas traveled to Thailand to seek some peace. And life wanted him to meet Phiang, whose name means “The Beautiful Sea.” Today she, without a doubt, is his peace in the midst of that mental whirlwind that little by little is taking away the verbose tennis player that he once knew how to be.

The champion with his four children in a 2019 photo, all with rackets in hand. Instagram photo.

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