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The story of Sebastián García Rodríguez and his ‘new’ driver in Tenerife

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Sebastian Garcia Rodriguez (-15) will go out this Sunday with all the options to win its first tournament in the European Tour. An extraordinary card of 64 strokes, the best of the day in this third round of the Tenerife Open, has catapulted him to fourth place two strokes behind the leaders, Samoan Y From Dellingshausen, already one of Burmester. The Madrid golfer from El Robledal He will start in the penultimate match of the day, knowing that he will need another great round of golf if he wants to have any chance of victory.

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Your game on Costa Adeje has returned to being impeccable. He has signed eight birdies and a lone bogey. His ability to produce hits and discount hits is fabulous. In 54 holes he already has 18 birdies and two eagles. There are only six holes on the Tenerife course that he has not yet been able to scratch. If you look up the definition of offensive golfer in the dictionary, a photo of Sebas appears. Of course, that character must be tamed and there he has found his perfect dance partner in Javier Herranz. It is not only what he transmits to him during the round, but all the work he does before and after the tournaments.

García Rodríguez is reaching his competitive maturity hand in hand with Herranz. It keeps him in the present, fixes his feet on the ground, and also prevents him from punishing himself more than is strictly necessary if things don’t work out. In short, he gets him to approach each round of golf as if it were a game and from there it is Sebas’s talent that flows.

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Sebas has a perfectly established work plan with his trusted team led by Pepín Rivero. He is clear about what he must do every day whatever the result, and he does not get out of there. However, if he ever gets lost, Herranz appears there to put him back in the fold. It is about maintaining order and giving continuity to what works, without getting into big changes for the simple fact of having signed a bad result on a specific day.

The best example of this that we are talking about has occurred this week. Sebas wanted to change the driver because he did not like how he was hitting him in recent weeks, specifically since Kenya. If you look at the calendar, it turns out that since Kenya, where he played very well, with two places in the top 15 (4th and 14th), only two tournaments have been played: Austria and Gran Canaria. Well, when he raised the possibility of changing the driver, Herranz convinced him that it was not the solution. “The driver is not a problem, it is only in your head, he told me,” Sebas explained today at the end of his round. “And today I hit the driver spectacularly the entire lap,” he adds. These are the lessons that the competition leaves week by week. The important of order and concert. Stability. Of course, Herranz, to make him stall even more, did not miss the opportunity at the end of the round: “What, how are you, good with the ‘new’ driver, right?” Sebas himself says it with a laugh …

García Rodríguez knocks again on the door of victory on the European Tour. In the last nine months he has already had a serious chance of winning on Sunday four times. He is no rookie and from each of those rounds he has learned something. Tomorrow it’s time to continue playing … in the broadest sense of the word.

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