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The Roller Hockey Telecable Gijón does not give up: “Manlleu’s was a tough defeat, but there is no time to regret it”

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The coach, Fernando Sierra, recognizes that “it is a hard defeat to digest, you go there with the intention of winning and you receive a win.” And the thing is that the Gijonesas did not get anything out of what they tried and against Manlleu they had the luck of the face and each arrival, especially in the first half, was a goal.

For Sierra, “the team is aware of what we are playing at and we are going to try to turn it around at home.” As he points out, the team also has another advantage, which is that “the goals against it do not count, but only if you win or lose”, so it would be enough with just a 1-0 to force the third game. By the way, Fernando Sierra also remembers that “in the event of a tie there will be extra time and penalties because in each game there has to be a winner.”

The team returned to training yesterday because “there is no time to complain and it is useless. What you have to do is analyze the game we played there and try not to repeat the mistakes ”.

As there is no time for lamentations, Sierra is in favor of “thinking only about the game on Saturday, which for us is like a final and if we manage to win it we will have another the next day. But it is not advisable to think beyond Saturday ”. These days it will be vital “to try to see where they hurt us”, although for the Gijon coach “you also have to take into account that games at this level each one is different. We know each other a lot, but suddenly something happens in the game that makes it go one way or the other ”. The result of the first match does not reflect the equality between the two teams. Yes, the classification of the regular league does, in which both ended up tied on points and only the difference of one goal gave Telecable Gijón second place and with it the possibility of playing two of the three games on their own court.

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Given what happened in Manlleu, Fernando Sierra believes that “we have to be very strong in defense and grow from there. You have to forget the game the other day in terms of the result, you do have to look at the mistakes we have made to try not to repeat them ”.

The fans will have a lot to say. “We know that we have the support of the public and we are the Telecable, a team capable of overcoming adverse situations like the one we have now. There will be an audience, but in reduced numbers due to restrictions, and we hope that all together we can achieve an important victory, ”says the coach.

In the other semi-final, the Palau i Plegamans confirmed their status as favorites and won in Cerdanyola.


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