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The no-hitter with the highest resonance

by archysport

Coral Gables, Florida. (VIP-WIRE) .- “If Billo Frómeta were still in this more here, we would dance to the tune of a guaracha titled La Pandemia”… JV-


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All week, until Saturday, will be from the Post Office, due to excess correspondence.

Now, if you don’t tell me where you’re writing from, I can’t answer you.

Alfonso León, from Obregón, asks…: “Who has been the best hitting pitcher in a season and in an entire career?”

Friend Fonsy …: In one season, Walter Johnson (Senators), in 1925 he hit 440 … In an entire career, Red Ruffing (Red Sox, Yankees and White Sox), 1925-1947, consumed 1,937 at-bats, hit 269, and for 300 or more in eight years, including 364 in 1930.

Adelaida Venturini, from Brooklyn, asks …: “Do you already have the new book by your friend Carlos Nina Gómez and how is it titled, how much does it cost?”

Friend Yaiya …: Yes, I bought it on Amazon, for $ 26.95, The breath of the clock, Memories. Interesting work. Carlos is one of the most entertaining Spanish-speaking authors.

Rimaldo Estévez, from Culiacán, thinks…: “Grover Cleveland Alexander’s unbeatable record, 16 games of nine zeros in one season, in 1916, with the Phillies”.

Ruber Luzardo S., from Santa Bárbara del Zulia, asks …: “Will the Yankees be able to sue Ken Griffey Jr. for the accusations of discrimination made in the documentary?”

Friend Rubo …: I consulted two specialist lawyers, and both responded that there are reasons, since the Yankees have not discriminated against anyone since April 14, 1955, when they fielded their first black in history, the catcher Elston Howard.

But the team’s general manager, Brian Cashman, told me… “We haven’t taken that seriously.”

Pedro D. Luque, from Calabozo, asks…: “What was the most popular no-hit-no-run?”.

Amigo PeDeLe …: Because it was the only one in a World Series, game fifth, because it was perfect and against one of the best teams in history, the 1956 Dodgers, the jewel of Don Larsen and the Yankees is considered by historians, the greatest among no-hitters.

Jesús Guerra, from Caracas, asks…: “I read that for Baseball Reference the National Association was a Big League. Now, does Major League Baseball think of it that way too? “

Amigo Chucho…: Between 1871 and 1875, the National Association was, not only the best league, but the first and only professional baseball league. If it was the best, it was the Major Leagues. MLB is in a huge and historic mistake by not accepting it as such.

Thanks to life, which has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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