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The Lady condemned, dismembered and muddied by the media circus. Paratici pays for everyone. Elkann’s Juve is born (with a “new” Marotta). Allegri’s team: here’s who and how they will play …

by archysport

Let me understand. Three quarters of the papers yesterday morning were “old”. Sunk by the usual excellent Gianluca Di Marzio who before 11.00 placed a torpedo as precise as even those of the U47 of the commander Prien in Scapa Flow: “Allegri returns to Juventus”.

But wasn’t he supposed to go to Real? No: he had to go to Inter. Instead Juve. It did wrong: reheated soup. Nowadays, the work of a coach or the performance of a player is no longer evaluated. It purports to guide their choices. “In place of Donnarumma I would have stayed at Milan”. Words and music by Arrigo Sacchi. “In place of Conte I would not have left Inter”. Multi-handed score. Question: where are those who predicted Juve excluded from the Champions League in favor of Milan and Napoli? Silent. Did we say so? Only those who do not make predictions do not make mistakes. But would it be a diminutio to admit to having made a mistake and to acknowledge it? Then there is the tried and tested game: I sell myself as a Juventus fan, I go to a Neapolitan radio and scatter shovels of guano. Alternative: I’m not a Juventus fan. I also go to a Neapolitan radio and spread more guano than the aforementioned fan.

Perhaps, dear readers, you don’t know it but Max Allegri will have to play a large part of the Under 23 and the Primavera team next season. Because the current Juventus squad will evaporate. Dybala? At Atletico Madrid. Bentancur? Idem. Buffon is already known that he is now an ex. De Ligt? Barcelona insists. Chiesa sell it to United to make a capital gain in an exchange with Martial. And that’s okay too, because for the others they’ll give Juve a warehouse keeper, three ball boys and a stewardess in exchange. Chiellini? It will not be renewed. Bonucci? Via: Max is one who does not forget. Alex Sandro? Off with him too. Demiral? Disappointed: go. Ramsey? First of the starters. Rabiot? Has offers in Premier. Morata? They do not redeem it. Arthur? Nobody wants that one instead. Indeed no: Leonardo would have proposed an exchange with Icardi. In the sign of a sister capital gain.

This is the circus with clowns being “fired” by fake rockets.

Fabio Paratici passed away after 11 years. It should be thanked. He’s been combining Islamic ones for the past two seasons, but for a decade he has done wonders. Sometimes even with dried figs. Original sin: dismissing Allegri for Sarri. The mistake: that of not having understood that that blond Norwegian was to be tied to the chair in Vinovo, together with his father and Mino Raiola, until he signed. Paratici pays for everyone. Even for those (Agnelli, Nedved, Cherubini) that Paratici’s choices had shared. He says that after Marotta’s farewell, Paratici was no longer he: “crushed” by a role that was not in his strings. Here comes ambition and ego. I consider myself a good professional. But if Urbano Cairo offered me to run Corriere della Sera tomorrow morning, I simply wouldn’t be able to do it. Once I asked Ferruccio De Bortoli: “How is it to be in that armchair?”. He replied with the calmness that distinguishes him: “Another profession“.

Max Allegri is back (official missing). Andrea Pirlo will be greeted. He too should be thanked. He made mistakes, some avoidable. But he took home two national trophies, in addition to qualifying for the Champions League. With a badly assembled team In my opinion he will become an excellent coach. Allegri, then Sarri, then Pirlo, now Allegri again: Cellino or Zamparini stuff, not Juventus. My impression is that net of the aplomb and polite manners John Elkann broke the boxes and said: enough is enough. The Juve that is being born seems to me to be Elkann’s Juve.

Juve who could put an CEO between the president and the coach, as in the days of Marotta. The name of Carnevali del Sassuolo is made: a figure of proven competence, with (which Juve does not hurt) the right physique du role. His arrival would lead (inevitably) to suggestions of the field: Locatelli and Raspadori.

How will Allegri’s Juventus play? My idea is that (should Ronaldo say hello) Allegri would focus on Dybala: placing him at the center of the game. Behind two outside and a center forward Another Mandzukic in circulation is not there. But the profile of the striker who will come (perhaps with the stay of Morata) is that of an attacker who fills “the opponent’s penalty area. In midfield, Galeone, Allegri’s longtime friend, revealed that Max would like to transform Bernardeschi into a box-to-box midfielder. Better late than never. I don’t like ban lists but the names of possible starters are known. Given that Ronaldo would have an agreement (with Andrea Agnelli) that would allow him to free himself for his last season as long as Juventus receive coverage (thirty million) avoiding capital losses, Juve’s future midfield could also arise from Ronaldo’s destination. An exchange with Pogba could be staged at United. At PSG one with Verratti. Low exteriors: Alex Sandro is at risk, coming from a bad season. After all, the Gosens dream could cost less than the 40 million that Atalanta requires, considering that the Goddess will have to pay about 20 million to redeem Romero. We are at the doorman. My “deep throat” claims that Donnarumma will arrive and that the Pole will be found accommodation in the Premier. Now that Donnarumma’s farewell to Milan is now official, Juventus seems the most likely destination. Probable does not mean, “certain”.

Again: Ceferin has started a procedure against Barcelona, ​​Juventus and Real. The three rebels “replied with a statement that looks like a declaration of war: we have not committed any crimes and we will defend ourselves with our teeth. I don’t want to go into a known story yet. At stake is a new “Bosman case”. I would just like to finish painting the three companies that did not kiss the ring in Ceferin like the Banda Bassotti. And the Slovenian pope as a kind of Mother Teresa of Calcutta: he is not. Next Italian Cup: for the series “We joked”, the Lega Council has decided that 4 clubs from the Lega Pro will also participate. If you really continue to think that Gabriele Gravina will ever reduce the number of participants in the championships, you probably have an alarm clock (broken ) to the neck .

He has nothing around his neck, covered only by a great cloak of shame, that gentleman who at the “Match of the heart” prevented the actress Leone (who had to take the field) from sitting at the table with the men, inviting her to “wear the onesie in the stands. A caveman would have had greater finesse. For the series “who makes it wait” the fox Claudio Lotito ended up in the trap of Marotta. Last night, after Inzaghino had renewed with Lazio caught by second thoughts, he accepted the proposals of Inter, widowed, as is known, by Conte. Lotito had kept Inzaghi in a bain-marie for months. Then he had contacted Gattuso probably playing to the downside. Gattuso became an expert after the experience Don Aurelio ended up accepting the concrete offers of Commisso and Fiorentina. Scandal? No: football.

A moving thought to the memory of Tarcisio Burgnich, column of Helenio’s Inter and the national team. To whom I owe, with that goal in Mexico City one of the greatest emotions of my life, in the unforgettable night in which everyone (even those who occupied the universities in that season) went out into the street screaming. “Italy”. Thinking that Tarcisio could have been Juventus’ column. That he had bought it, evaluating it badly. And preferring the not unforgettable Burini.

Allow your Venice-born reporter to rejoice in the return of the old Leone to Serie A. Drawing 1-1 with the Cittadella at the end of a complicated match where the real protagonist with red cards and yellow cards was Orsato, Zanetti’s team did it. He was not on the eve of the teams accredited for promotion. Zanetti (who will perhaps go to Udinese) has worked a miracle. The outdated Penzo stadium has been granted a derogation. Now a project to build a new one would be important. Venice is a global brand. Perhaps the biggest brand on the planet. A modern stadium and a competitive team for Serie A could contribute to the economic revival of the Serenissima. Meanwhile, congratulations to them. You will say: what is right with Juventus? Nothing. But for myself it is a night of joy. Will you grant it to me?

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