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The hockey eighteen finished fourth in the group after the 1:11 debacle with Russia

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For the Czech eighteen, it was the highest defeat in the history of world championships. So far, the biggest debacles have been 0: 8, the same as the USA in the quarterfinals of 2009 and 2016.

“It’s hard to say something after the match like this. We’ve played well so far. The Russians were ready for us. They scored early and have been unstoppable ever since,” said Czech team coach Jakub Petr.

The Czechs did not succeed in entering the match and lost after only 83 seconds. Goalkeeper 16-year-old talent Mičkov overcame the right sides from an angle with a shot from a turn. Immediately, the Czechs defended themselves against Jiříček’s expulsion, but in the 14th minute the Russians increased their lead. Poltapov escaped and overcame the Locker room among the concretes. Chmelař’s chance was then thwarted by the goalkeeper Ivanov and in the 18th minute, with Svozilov’s exclusion, he adjusted to 3: 0 with a shot from the left circle by Mirošničenko.

At the turn of the first and second period, Petr’s selection defended himself during Slavíček’s stay on the penalty bench, and in the second part of the weakening, goalkeeper Suchánek resisted, replacing Šatný after a break. He kept his team in the 28th minute, when the Russians played weak for the first time and Jurov got into a solo run.

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The Czech juniors defended themselves during Ticháček’s expulsion, but in the 31st minute Suchánek also capitulated for the first time, because Koromyslov hit the blue line. At 32:28, Ivanov also lost a clean sheet after Kosovo’s attempt at David Moravec’s attempt. The judges also checked the video to see if the goalie hit the puck with a high stick.

Young Czechs got cut at the Hockey World Championships. The change of goalkeepers didn’t help either

A moment later, David Moravec himself had the opportunity to bring the Czech team closer by two goals, but the Russian goalkeeper hit with concrete. In the 34th minute, the Russians rejoiced again after Katělevský hit Grudinin’s projectile. With Svozil’s penalty 76 seconds before the end of the second half, he increased Poltapov to 6: 1 with his second goal in the match, who scored to the left circle and headed for the opposite pole.

“We didn’t play our game. We didn’t do what we said in the locker room from the beginning. We have to prepare for Canada, we want to win. We will go to the next match with a clear head. they played the previous matches, “said striker Jakub Altrichter.

In the third period, the Czechs defended further weakening at first, but in the 46th minute Mičkov showed his skills again. First, he got rid of Ticháček at the right mantinel with a quick turn, and then he overcame Suchánek with a shot over the defending Ryšavý.

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In 71 seconds, after a quick break, the Czech goalkeeper was also shot by Svečkov, who reasserted himself in the 52nd minute with Marcel’s suspension for five minutes and until the end of the match. The Russians did not spare Peter’s team. In the 58th minute, Jurov added the tenth goal from the right circle and 71 seconds before the end, Mičkov completed the hat-trick after throwing in.

He thus improved his sovereign lead in the tournament scorers’ table with his ninth goal in the fourth match, and thanks to his assistance, he also improved his productivity at the top to 11 points.

“We want to forget about this match. We just avoid the mistakes we made and improve in everything. We will be ready for the quarterfinals. We want to win against Canada and show our game, which we presented here except today,” said defender Jiří Ticháček.


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