the hearing has taken place, Gabon cries out for “manipulation” and “bad faith”

This Monday, the disciplinary jury of the African Football Confederation (CAF) met to hear DR Congo and Gabon in the Guelor Kanga case. The DRC accuses the Gabonese international of identity forgery and calls for the disqualification of the Panthers from CAN 2021 for having aligned the midfielder against the Leopards on March 25 in the playoffs (3-0).

«Only Fecofa pleaded before the Disciplinary Jury of CAF. The Gabonese Football Federation requested a postponement of a few days from the continental football body to present its defenses before the same committee.“Said the Congolese Federation (Fecofa) in a statement. “The secretary general of Fecofa, Belgian Situatala, presented several documents demonstrating the Congolese nationality of the player as well as that of his parents. He was accompanied by two lawyers, Me José Mandjeku and Me Emmanuel Kande.»

Gabon denies DRC version

Except that the Gabonese party has formally denied this version and assured that it has indeed pleaded its case, by charging the DRC in passing! “The Gabonese Football Federation (FEGAFOOT) expresses its astonishment at the information disseminated on social networks on the request for a postponement by it. FEGAFOOT wishes to reassure the sporting public that it took part as agreed, in the videoconference this morning with the disciplinary jury of CAF (…). The dissemination of contrary information is a matter of manipulation and bad faith. It should be noted that the principle of this survey is to listen to each part for 30 minutes while limiting access to the other“, Slipped the instance to better tackle the DRC.

«FEGAFOOT has remained loyal to its line of defense on this issue. So, while reassuring the public, she calmly awaits the written and reasoned decision that will be taken in the coming days by CAF and each party will be informed.»The hour of denouement will soon strike …

The battle for press releases …

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