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The German Marquez fights when giants detonate him in the first innings

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If your starter takes two-thirds of an inning on opening day and makes eight runs in six innings with two runs at 12-4, you know things are bad.

This is the current situation of the Rocky Mountains and right-handed German Marquez, who was bombed in the first inning of Doubleheader’s first game on Course Field on Tuesday. At the end of the inning, the Giants led the Rockies 10-0.

After the game, manager Butt Black crossed every bat the San Francisco Giants had against the Marquez, pointing out some lucky Giants singles and a questionable defense against the Rockies. But Black also noted that Marquez’s command is not good now – which explains the 6:21 era of the right-handed player after seven starts.

“When you reconstruct it pitch by pitch, there are some things he obviously doesn’t do better,” Black said. “For me it was unconditional and got a couple of ground balls. நிச்சயமாக There are definitely some things that we need to take care of with his command. There are more walks. “

Marquez has posted 21 runs in 33 1/3 innings. It scores 5.7 runs for nine innings, which is much higher than its career rate of 2.58 for nine.

Marquez said he wasn’t hurt.

“You can see my (speed), it’s great,” said Marquez. “Physically it’s not my fault.”

But Marquez said he had a job.

“We’re going to learn things (we’re going to make these little changes every day,” he said. “It’s baseball. What happened is so beautiful. I have to go forward, keep playing.”

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The Giants have beaten Marquez this season. In three starts he was 0-3 with 6-13 ERA and allowed 16 wins in 10 1/3 innings.

Rarely at first. The Giants’ first baseball was a crazy half-inning. Knowledge:

* For the seventh time in Rockies history, they allowed 10 or more runs in an innings. (Most recently, against Arizona on June 21, 2017, 10 runs in the fourth inning).

* This is the second time the Rockies have allowed 10 or more runs in the first innings, the first time they have done so. (They allowed 10 runs in the first innings at Dodger Stadium on April 26, 2008).

This is the first time San Francisco has scored at least 10 runs in an inning since they scored 10 runs in the fourth inning of Pittsburgh on September 7, 2008.

* For the fifth time in the long history of the Giants, they scored more than 10 runs in the first inning. They haven’t done this in St. Louis since June 29, 1967. You did it against Hall of Fame Bob Gibson. The Giants scored eleven runs in that game, nine of which came from Gibson in two-thirds innings. Gibson went for seven and went two.

My hometown. Left-handed rookie Lucas Gilpreet, a graduate of Broomfield Legacy High School, made his Coors Field debut at Game 1. He pocketed two runs in two wins (including a homer in two for Brandon Crawford), three strikeouts and a two innings walk . Gilpreet made his big league debut in Arizona on Saturday night.

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