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The fourth most even European basketball final begins

by archysport

The voice of Galicia

Alberto Blanco

28/05/2021 05:00 h

To know where we have arrived, it is good to review the path we have traveled. Because without a doubt, we have experienced the best season of the Euroleague since its creation. Despite the pandemic. But these months, each game of the highest European competition has given a level as is not remembered. Four formidable teams reach the final four and we hope to see 3 matches to be remembered (today CSKA Mosc-Anadolu Efes, 18.00, Dazn 1, and Barcelona-Olimpia Milano, 21.00, Dazn 1).

Because the Euroleague is the place where the best basketball in the world is seen. I mean on a collective level. Where the nuances for coaches, and players are polished to the maximum. Because the machines are greased at full speed and with great detail. It is not a month of concentration and pumbaa. No. It is the system of polishing the diamond. To take your resources to the limit and well worked.

And the best four arrive.


Worked defense and an endless arsenal

Barcelona has it all. Absolutely everything. It was many years since the Catalans had a squad and bench of such caliber. Those of Jasikevicius bet on two things. First, the defense. Taken to the maximum expression of effort, rotations work and synchronized with months of adjustments.

In attack, Saras provides her team with nuances for each time-out start, quarter-start situations or specials for a few seconds of possession. Mirotic and Cory Higgins rule the roost. But Barcelona’s arsenal is so huge that each game can have a name. Calathes, Abrines, Bolmaro or Davies. The American center is crucial in this team, because he knows the Lithuanian basketball by heart.


Messina expresses the staff

Barcelona measures its hunger for the title against Ettore Messina’s Armani. Together with Bayern Munich, the two teams that have given the most performance to their squad in the Euroleague. Around the Italian technician a group of Americans very much for the task of following order. And again the same brand, the defense. From Hines, to Punter, Leday or Shields, everyone is at the command of their marshal. The 0-2 of the previous matches can give us an idea of ​​where the shots are going.


When the star leaves and the team improves

On the other side, they measure their faces CSKA and Efes. In the case of the Russians, the departure of Mike James served to correct certain gaps and defensive efforts that they suffered in some games this season, with blushing defeats in the VTB (Russian League). The flight of the team’s top scorer served to turn the tide. Those from Itoudis have an excellent squad, but Will Clyburn’s versatility at the low post as an outside makes a lot of difference. The Turks will suffer there.


The best group of offensive individuals in Europe

And Efes is the best offensive squad on the continent but a bit of a disaster behind. The Micic / Larkin couple is very dangerous alongside Simon and Rodriguez Beauvois. On a tactical level it is the least polished team of the quartet that arrives in Cologne. Difficult, very difficult, to dare to forecast.

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